Sunday, November 27, 2011

I Survived Magic Weekend!

Well ... I'm late out of the gate at wishing all my US friends a Happy Thanksgiving ... and I hope it was full of good fun & good food!

I myself was enveloped in the craziness that we at the Tire call "Magic Weekend" ... our annual event that is the kick-off to the Christmas season.

Friday & Saturday I was there from 7 - 4 ... to process the throngs of shoppers out for the best deals ... and OMG ... we were at one point a little overwhelmed!  I had to keep calling in more & more staff for help!  It was certainly a Black Friday for us ... as we were sooo in the black (way better than last year)!

I was glad at the patience of the crowd ... they were very content to wait in long lines to score their deals ... next year we'll plan for more staff earlier!  Who knew so many people would have this day off & free to shop?  Live & learn.  Yes well ... that's retail for ya!

In the free time I could scrounge ... I tried to relax & spend a bit of time in the therapy of creative pursuits ... finished piecing a new heart for a special project ... and then this new Go Bag ... which seems to have raptured my creativity!

Maureen Greeson has referred to this style as "whole cloth CQ" ...but I prefer caaling it "Faux CQ".

Faux translated from French would mean "Fake" ... but Faux sounds more elegant.  It employs seam treatments ... but on one piece of solid fabric as opposed to a traditionally  pieced CQ format.

Here you can see the right & wrong sides of the denim fabric I'm working on ... thought I'd show both as the lighter wrong side shows it better.  On the right side ... I'll stitch the seam treatments ...mostly in Pearl Crown Rayon for it's awesome & spectacular contrast on the denim ... and if  need be I could throw it in the wash the odd time.

So now with the basic map in place ... I'm going to start creating seams ... yaaaa the fun part!

I'll share more when I get that happening!


Linda H said...

Can't wait to see what it will look like Marie! Have fun!!

Marie Alton said...

Hi Linda! That makes two of us! I want to use vibrant shades ... and I know I'll ge that with the Pearl Crown ... but might include some Jeans Stitch & silk threads if I feel moved to ... and gonna get on to that this evening!

Hugs ... Marie

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