Friday, November 4, 2011

MUCH Better ... Thanks!

Ahh ... it feels so good to be back to my old self again.  I'm confident this nastiness is behind me.

At the worst of it ... I did seek out the advice of a trained professional ... namely a pharmacist ... to find out what I could / could not tolerate in combination with meds that my doctor has me on.  Funny how it fell in step with what I was already contemplating!

There's this cool product that I've employed from time to time that for me seems to help a lot ... and it's basically a mega-dose of good ol' Vitamin C ... Redoxon 1000 mg hits ... helps naturally to fight invading viruses ... that's it's job ... that's what it does ... and why didn't I think of that earlier?

I also added just a few doses of Tylenol Rapid Release and OMG ... I can function again!

It's all good!


piney cq said...

Oh good!! I'm soooo happy to hear you are doing better now!!! Not heard of Redoxin before.....will have to keep it in mind just in case! ;-)

Linda H said...

SO glad to see you're feeling better Marie. Being sick is NO fun...

Marie Alton said...

Hi Leslie ... Redoxon comes in a tube ... I think there's like 10 tablets in it ... it's kinda like Alka-Seltzer ... you drop it in about 4 ounces of water ... let it fizz till it's gone & just chug it.

The one I usually get is lemon flavoured ... but they have orange too ... then there's a third one with a B Complex + C (that would have been overkill for me 'cause I already take a B-spectrum supplement).

Hi Linda ... thanks ... you got that right ... being sick is no fun ... I guess it was fortunate it happened when it did ... at least I was already booked off ... just a drag that I didn't get to enjoy it!

This virus now seems to be rampant at work ... seems every day someone is calling in sick because of it ... I'm the first to sympathize ... and just call in the well bodies to cover!

We had our work "Christmas Party" tonight ... lowest attendance in years ... and am sure this bug is partly to blame!

Hugs ... Marie

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