Tuesday, November 15, 2011

On The Roller Coaster ... Yet Again!

Yes well we all know life is about "ups & downs" and that's why I always feel like I'm on the perverbial Roller Coaster!

The Past two weeks have been no exception.

Now that I'm over this "sick thing" ... I'm back into the grind and from now on ... it's pretty much "full tilt" to Christmas!  Yup ... that's the way it goes in retail ... Halloween is but a memory ... pack it away and Deck The Halls!  And ... just to make sure I can stave off the worst new bug that might rear it's ugly head ... I got my annual Flu Shot this week too!

I don't think that I mentioned this ... but one of my regular day gals had a very bad injury a few weeks ago ... she was getting off the bus on her way home from work one day ... and managed somehow to trip on the stairs ... the worst is that the way she fell ... she managed to fracture BOTH ankles!

OMG ... like one would have been bad enough ... two is gonna definitely put you right out of commission!  She can barely walk at all ... let alone stand!  I feel so bad for her ... she is one of my most dedicated people ... the kind who will do whatever it takes ... whenever it's needed!

Okay ... this is a glimpse ... I phoned her today to see how she was doing ... and if she had any idea when she might be able to get back on duty.  She was being faced with the possibility of surgery to fix one of the fractures ... but the specialist told her that ... fortunately it would not be needed.  While happy about that ... this same specialist warned her that because she's diabetic ... she would have to expect a longer recouperation time.  And ... while she can accept that ... the realization that winter weather is imminent ... and that she'll have to be extra careful ... she dresses every day in her uniform ... just to keep focused that soon she will be coming back to work!

Now that's dedication!

Yesterday I got some very grim news ... our Dealer ... Bill Graham is going to retire ... for health reasons.  He has recently been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer.  This is a cruel diagnosis for a man that was expecting to have Golden Years in front of him.  Now it is uncertain as to how much time he has left.

Harder still ... is the repercussions for us all ... going into the busiest time of the year ... knowing that the Boss is personally overwehelmed by a fight for his life.

As a team ... we can only perform as we must ... to focus on the task at hand ... and to do what we must to get through.  We are strong ... and can do this ... in spite of all odds.

But it so sucks ... that we will have to face  the ultimate demise of one man who is so loved by his staff ... a gentle giant .. a husband & father & grandfather ... it is just so hard to anticipate.

And ... on the horizon ... the prospect of a new dealer ... what does that mean for all of us?  Are we all secure in our positions ... or will we be replaced by staff of his/her choosing?

It's not even something we can speculate on at this time ... it's a "wait & see" situation.

I for one am confident in my abilities and contributions to the day-to-day performance that is required to keep things happening ...but I do worry for some of my protoges.

Time will tell!


Linda H said...

Don't give up yet Marie.. I know several men who have beat Prostate cancer... Think positive!! :)

Marie Alton said...

Hi Linda ... Oh I do plan to think positive ... and to send healing prayers his way ... and all of us are keeping the boat steady.

He's a fighter ... and I'm sure he's going to give it his best fight!

Hugs ... Marie

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