Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Playing With Paisleys

I actually have a few projects on the go right now ... one is simmering for a grand debut early next year ... and one is sort of a spin-off that just kinda happened as a result.

The latter is in essence ... beaded paisleys ... and I've cranked out 10 so far ... and they are pretty cool!

I'll get them scanned in and put up on ArtFire soon for you to see.

I'm thinking they'd be a perfect little embellishment for a CQ piece ... they're strung on wire ... which can be couched down ... then embellished as your heart desires ... fill it up with stitchery or more beads ... an SRE spray or ... well ... just let your imagination run wild!  After all ... there are no rules here.

Inspiration is the key ... and fun will be the result!

Hugs ... Marie

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