Friday, December 30, 2011

Life Is ... Moving On.

Ups & downs ... joys & sorrows ... gettting through it ... unexpected surprises ... every day life sends us these ... in varying forms...and it keeps us moving on.

Yesterday was sorrow ... Mr. G's funeral service was difficult for all of us ... but particularly hard for my friend Paula ... she had to endure her mother's service in the morning ... and Mr. G.'s in the afternoon. 
Duty calls ... you do what you must.  Several of us had to return to duty after the service ... and continue on in spite.

In the midst of it alll I was surprised by a special Season's Greeting ... a card signed by all my staff and a gift card to Michaels to boot!  It was their way of saying thanks ... for all I've done for them this year!  I truly appreciated this unexpected gift!

And well ... with all of this added stress ... my resistance is down & I'm dealing with a nasty upper resperatory demon that has afflicted my sinuses/chest/eyes ... the latter being the current worst.  Goopy crap is impairing my vision and making me want to scratch my eyes out!  I will most likely visit the clinic tomorrow to see if I can get something to make it go away!

Oh ... and I've forgotten to mention that I was totally able to get some quality stitching time in over Christmas ... and my Go Bag is nearly done!

I'll share that with you tomorrow ... as DH is chomping at the bit to get some Net time just now!

More soon ... Marie

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