Saturday, December 17, 2011

One Week To Go ... 'Til Chrismas Eve!

Where does the time go?  OMG ... Christmas Eve is a week away!

But I am gaining on it ... a bit at a time.  Planning to shop a bit more tomorrow and the wrap like a fiend!

Today my focus has been on creating a really big card ... the most special one to date ... as it will be from the staff of the whole store ... for Mr. G & the Graham family.

Those who have been following will know that he has recently been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer ... and has decided to retire ... not only to deal with his treatment ... but to focus on beating this ... and we are all praying that he will succeed in doing so.

We as a group decided to share our good wishes sooner than later  ... as our hopes & prayers are needed now ...for encouragement & support.

I penned a poem remeniscent of "T'was the Night Before Christmas" ... but with a whole new twist  ... encompassing our hopes, prayers & wishes that he will have the strength & ability to beat this foe.

I'm just about done with my efforts on it today ... and will carry on with it tomorrow ... with a ton of "Cut & Paste" to do with photos.

Sleep now ... more to do tomorrow!

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