Saturday, December 31, 2011

Out With The Old ... & In With The New!

I had planned to be up early today ... to go to the clinic and get something to relieve my current affliction.  The alarm went off at 6 ... and knowing I could sleep in today (after being up half the night anyway coughing  miserably) promptly shut it off ...but I was dismayed to see 10:45 on the clock when I finally was awake.

By the time I was fully functional and ready to head out ... it was 12:30.  My first stop was the clinic ... and was further dismayed to find that ... they were closing at 2:00 pm ... and due to the backlog of cases ... they were not accepting any new patients.  I decided that my next best option was to go see Ash ... my pharmacist.  He really knows his stuff and was sure he could at least recommend something to me to deal with this grief.

Glad I did ... he took one look at me and knew that I had conjunctivitis ... or otherwise known as Pink Eye.

He gave me the best non-perscription thing he could ... Polysporin drops made just for this thing.

After just one application ... I did get some relief from that "scratch-my-eyes out" feeling ... and am glad that it will help until I can get some actual antibiotics ... which is what I will need to abort this virus.

It will be a low-key New Years for me ... given my current situation ,,, but in spite of it all ... I do wish all of you the very best for the coming New Year.

Peace ... Love ... and Joy to all.  May life be loving & kind to you & yours in 2012.

Biggest Hugs to All ... Marie

PS ... caught up in my misery, I totally fogged on my promise to share the pic of the finished Go Bag!

This is the outside flap.

Will see if Mel can take an actual full shot of the whole thing tomorrow ... though it might be really late in the day!  She has plans to party-hop tonight ... so expect she'll be pretty much sleeping the day away tomorrow!

She bought herself a spankin' hot little red party dress ... that I'm sure will leave them all breathless!  My baby is sooo growed up now ... OMG!


Magpie's Mumblings said...

I'm so sorry to see that your beloved Mr. G. lost his fight - so sad. Also sorry to see that you have pink eye - yuck!! Get lots of rest tomorrow and kick that virus to the curb. Here's to a happy 2012.

Linda H said...

Big hugs to you too Marie. I hope you're feeling better real soon!

Marie Alton said...

Hi MA ... thanks for your condolencses ... it happened far sooner than anyone anticitipated ... seems it was far more advanced than we all knew.

Rest is top priority on my agenda ... I was hoping to stitch away on a new project ... but hurts too much even try to focus for any length of time.

Hi Linda ... appreciate the hugs ... and yes I really hope this goes away soon.

Must go ... it hurts to look at the screen for any length of time!

Happy New Year to you both!

Hugs ... Marie

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