Monday, December 19, 2011

A Sentimental Moment

So there I was last night ... working feverishly to complete this huge card for Mr. G. & family ... and I was adding cut - out bits from saved cards that ... for whatever reason I had saved over the years.

I wanted to add bits from these ... on the pages of the card ... stuff like graphics & scripting ... and then welll ... I stumbled across one that just made me cry.

It was from my dearly departed SIL Patty that she had sent back in 1989 ... wishing a Merry Christmas and telling me that they were planning on coming out (from Nova Scotia) to our wedding the following February.

As it turned out ... my brother did manage to make it ... but she was tied up with her business and not able to attend. 

I only saw her once after that.  My brother had been transferred by his company back to Toronto ... and I visited them at their new house when they had settled in.  Patty had landed a cool new job selling travel insurance to travel agencies in the South-Central Ontario Region ... which required her to travel and visit these agencies as a rep.

It was summer ... and they had rented a weekend cottage on a lake ... to enjoy .  It worked out great for her ... as she could stay there on the weekend then she could head to appointments closer to this location than it would be from home.

On Monday morning ... she was doing just that ... heading for her first appointment.  She was en route when the thoughtless actions of a truck driver put her in a fatal situation.  She met with this fool in a head-on collision that ended her life.

He was going too fast ... and not prepared to slow for  a vehicle ahead that was turning right ... so he pulled left to avoid colliding with this car ... and  she was right there.

Senseless ... nowhere to escape ... final.  Tragic.

My brother was only able to identify her by her wedding ring.

To this day I cannot imagine how horrible it must have been for him.

To make matters worse ... my neice Emma had just been born ... the day before.  My sis ... Emma's Mom ... was the one who had introduced Lawrence & Patty ... and none of us could bear to tell her of this tragedy ... until she was home from the hospital ... and her funeral service pending.

Cathy had planned on naming her first sweet baby Emma Jane ... but changed it to Emma Jean ... Jean being Patty's middle name.

When I stumbled accross this special old Christmas greeting ... I just lost it.

For me ... Christmas is all about family ... cherishing & sharing with those we love ... and for remembering the ones who are no longer with with us.

I know this is not unique to me ... I'm certain that many of you have these sad feelings too ... especially when the holiday season is here. 

Share if you wish to ... the memories of special people that you want remembered ... at this time of  year.

Call it a Hugfest ... let's be there for each other ... to share in our feelings ... of loss ... remembrance  & love for those we so dearly miss.


Linda H said...

Big Hugs to you Marie. I also have some sad feelings at Christmas as both my parents died at Christmas-time. Cherish the good memories....

Pat Winter said...

I was shopping and when I saw a big box of ribbon candy fall from a shelf, I teared up. It was my dad's favorite Christmas candy and I haven't bought it since he passed away 10 years ago. The first Christmas after he died I automatically grabbed for a box for dad, my usual surprise for him,until I caught myself.I left the store in tears. Holidays are supposed to be happy, but when you have such wonderful memories of a close loved one you can't help but miss them big time.

Marie Alton said...

Dear Linda ... I know that makes it extra hard ... losing both parents at a time that should be happy.

Big Hugs to you as well

And Dear Pat ... it's uncanny how we automatically do things we've been so used to doing for so many years ... then have to stop ourselves when the realization hits ... and yeah ... that's just the kind of moment that brings on the tears.

New Years is my next emotional hurdle ... my Dad ... he was all dressed up and ready to go out to enjoy ... but he never made it out the door ... as he suffered a major coronary ... that was to be his end.

My Mom's health is now failing ... and I have this fearful dread that
her time is short now.

Hoping for the best ... but bracing for the worst ... and planning to take advantage of whatever time remains. She'll turn 87 on Dec 30th ... and will visit with her on Boxing Day ... to celebrate a bit in advance with all the family.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Both my parents, now gone, had birthdays close to Christmas (the 18th for my Mom and the 27th for my Dad). Although we never celebrated birthdays in our family, I always think of them on their birthdays and I expect I always will.

Marie Alton said...

Dear MA ... memories are what keeps them with us and that's all we can cherish ... we the living mustkeep going on ... with our lives ... despite what we have lost.

That's exactly what I'm talking about here ... those memories that get us at this time of year!

Our rememberance of those we've loved & lost ... keeps us human ... and if their memories live on ... we keep them with us!

Love & Hugs & Merry Christmas to you & yours ... Hugs ... Marie

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