Saturday, December 10, 2011

Two Weeks Till Christmas ... and I'm So Behind!

Okay  ... more than behind ... more like behind the "eight ball"!

I haven't really even started Christmas shopping ...except for the wee staff gifts I picked up ... some 2-year Planners ... which I'm hoping they will use to write in their schedules and personal events to help me plan their required time off etc.

These were a big hit the last time I gave them ... such a little thing ... but it was so effective ... very slim and fits in to any purse or backpack ... perfect for everyone.

I've had social events that required my attendance ... like a Farewell Dinner for one long-time staff member who left recently ... and our annual Duffin's Creek Board Dinner last night ... which was wonderful at The Keg!

When I've found a little spare time I've been adding seams to my new Go Bag ... and have made some really good progress on it.

You can see some of the seams starting to come together ... but there's still many more to do ... so I'm pecking away at it when I can.  I haven't imposed any specific deadline on myself for completion ... so I'll be finished whenever I'm finished.

I suppose I'd better get focused on being Santa pretty soon ... or there won't be much under the tree!

Oh darn ... no tree yet either!  The kids are gonna have to help with that next weekend ... for sure!

While I'm sure it'll all come together on time ... I still have sooo much to do!


Linda H said...

Don't panic Marie. I am way behind too. It will come and go (and be wonderful) whether we are ready or not...

Marie Alton said...

Hi Linda ... I know you're right ... and usually I'm pretty darned good at time management ... and am confident it'll all happen on time. I don't tend to panic much anymore ... I just kinda go with the flow ... and what will be ...will be.

This year the focus won't be so much on gifts ... as on time with family. With all of us working now it seems we tend to pass like "ships in the night" ... so even a day or two when all are free is enjoyed.

My Mom is not well at the moment and under assessment at a geriatric facility ... but will have a pass for Boxing Day ... when we can get together & visit. I am planning on that for sure. She turns 87 this year and God only knows if she'll make it to 88.

So ... some things right now seem less important ... and some things more. It's all a matter of focus.

Hugs ... Marie

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