Sunday, February 27, 2011

Something Is Very Wrong In Bloglandia!

I was checking out what my fave bloggers have been up to this evening ... when something very strange happened!

Mary Anne Richardson's Blog (aka Magpies Mumblings) seems to have disappeared!

At first I thought it was a glitch ... as we all know can happen on the Net ... but every link I knew to her blog came up with the same message ... something about this blog has been removed!

Say it ain't so! She has even been removed from my Followers list! She would never do that of her own accord!

MA & I have been friends for years ... getting together several times a year to share creativity & do lunch ... & sometimes shop her local faves ... so I just had to make sure she was okay.

I called her in a panic fearing something was wrong ... but she is fine ... just very confused at the moment as to why this has happened. She is in the process of contacting Blogger to find out why ... and that's all I can tell you at this point.

This is so weird ... I mean she's been blogging for years ... so how could they just deactivate her like this? What could she have done that was so wrong?

Stay tuned kids ... we'll get to the bottom of this.

And Still They Won't Let Me Be!

Well ... apparently even sealing up the bead box didn't help ... like the perverbial "moth to a flame" ... there's no accounting for what the creative mind insists on visualizing!

I'm not saying that it's a bad thing ... and I really love what I've done ... but just cannot seem to get my brain to focus on stitching. I did do several mending projects ... thinking that having a needle in my hand might help ... but no ... it didn't.

These new pieces will incorporate fabric ... and one of the ideas is a new CQ embellishment.

Eventually these will be destined for ArtFire ... sorry ... no sneak peaks ... guess you'll just have to wait! I'll let you know when I have them up ... though it won't be for a while.

Must get going ... it's past one already ... and still have lots that I need to get done today!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Show & Share ... The "Phoenix" Saddlebag

Some time ago I told you about a purse that I was making ... or rather remaking ... as this was not the first one ... but rather the latest in a series of remakes of the original.

I don't exactly remember when I aquired the original ... except that I can ballpark it to sometime in my early 20's. OMG! Was it that long ago!???

It was "love at first sight"! IT WAS PERFECT!

Okay ... it was expensive ... but what the heck ... quality is always worth a few extra bucks! Chestnut brown heavy gauge leather ... totally awesome.

It was simple by design but everything that I wanted in a handbag. It had one deep inside pocket & a smaller outer pocket with it's own closeable flap ... and a large flap that covered both ... with a belt-like extension that joined to a buckle at the bottom/back to close it up securely.

Best of all was the shoulder/neck strap ... it could be adjusted to be worn on your shoulder or hung around your neck ... across the chest ... which is the way that I preferred ... the kind of bag that you never set down or worry about losing ... because it hangs off of you.

Time took it's toll ... I used it for years & years ... until the original stitching began to deteriorate under the stress of wear. I could not just simply toss this gem ... but instead carefully took it apart and traced out the pattern of it ... with aim to recreate it.

And I did ... kind of ... but I'll admit my choice of components was not the best. While I did use a good heavy gauge leather ... I crocheted replacement pockets with jute ... and it didn't prove as durable as I anticipated. It began to fall apart. I retired it sooner than I would have liked ... and resorted to various other bags along the way ... all very worthy fuctional bags ... but not my saddlebag!

I just had to make another one. I decided that I had the "skeleton" of it already ... and that I could use it to expand upon to create the next. I was torn between starting from scratch ... or incorporating the remains into the resurrection.

While deliberating on the course of action ... I considered what materials I had at hand ... the first two choices were a caramel-coloured leather jacket or my awesome old black leather pants. Melanie tried on the jacket & it fit her nicely. The pants ... not so much ... & let's face it ... no way I was ever gonna get into these again! So ... the pants it would be ... only the leather was too thin to create a bag from ... so it became a "veneer" ..... yup I used my trusty fave glue Weldbond & glued it to the old panels ... fabricated the rest of it from other leather remnants & sewed it all together with LusterSheen. The strap came from another purse I had found at a thrift store.

To make it really unique I used some red & lavender scraps for the design on the flap.

It was a big job ... but I've got my saddlebag ... again!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

And Now For Something Completely Different!

I have been cranking out a whole bunch of new things since Christmas ... and add to that a bunch more that were created a while ago ... and voila ... a whole new collection of wonderous things for you to see over at . . .
As you may well know ... I've been obsessed with beads for some time now ... haven't done any stitching because of it ... but what you'll see there will clearly indicate why!
I feel pretty much done with this phase for the moment ... and am going to try very hard to ignore their whisperings ... put the lid on that bead box for a start to muffle their calls ... pull out some fabric & return to stitching new things! Ahhhh!
To entice you ... I've added a sneak preview below!
This was one of the ones I finished over the weekend.
Several of the pieces in this collection are what I call Neck Lace ... pun intended ...
these ain't your run-o-the-mill necklaces ... oh no!
They adorn the neck ... like lace!
I've mixed in some earrings, pendants and some other whimsies for fun!
Sorry ... there's no belly button things! Teehee!
Thanks ... and Hugs ... Marie

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Have You Seen It Yet ???

Hello everyone ... hope you all had a wonderful Valentines ...
I'm still enjoying my gift of Lindt hearts ..... yay ..... more chocolate!

The CQ world is buzzing with excitement! Pat Winter has launched her new magazine!

You can preview the awesome 1st edition of Crazy Quilt Gatherings here!

I'll save my words ... just go see! It will leave you speechless!

Huge Congrats to Pat! Can hardly wait to have it in my hands!

I've been a busy little beaver over the weekend finishing projects & scanning pics of some new things that will be up soon on Art Fire! Hoping to get them up on Thursday.

Must run ... things to do before I head in to work!

Hugs ... Marie

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Jenny's Farewell Dinner

So a bunch of us got together tonight at Boston Pizza for a lovely dinner & a few laughs.

Took a while to get seated ... someone penned us in for Sunday instead of Saturday ... but made up for the wait with some free munchies until the table was ready. There was 15 of us in all ... so it had to be a big table!

After dinner we gave her her big card ... and as we guessed ... she loved it! It'll take her hours to read the whole thing ... but she started tonight ... & will read more when she gets home!

Several of the gals brought cameras ... so am hoping I can get some pics later.

Long day ... off to put my feet up & relax.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Don't Laugh ... But Snicker If You Must!

I remember vivdly my mother telling me that "It's not nice to laugh at other people's misfortunes". Although my kitty is not a person ... I sincerely believe that somehow there is a human trapped in this creature's body ... everyone who knows him can testify to that!

He's a Maine Coon Cross ... they are a fascinating breed. He talks ... more like chatters ... & he is very entertaining. He fetches ... and loves human food ... must be present at the dinner table requesting to partake in whatever happens to be served at the time ... even if it is not really something that a feline should feast upon!

I've been wanting to show this pic since last spring! Mel actually has this as the "wallpaper" on the computer ... so I see it every time I log on ... but it took me a while to find it in her files & copy to mine.

This is my sweet li'l Kota kitty ... who had serious mats in his fur last spring. Mel's friend Vicki works as an assistant at a vets ... and did try hard to help clip out the mats ... but there were just too many for a fledgling to handle. I had to take him in to our vet ... have him sedated ... and they gave him what is called a "Lion's Cut" ... and aptly named ... is what you see here! $160 later ...

Although he was not entirely thrilled with the whole event ... he was relieved of the nasty mats ... and was one cool kitty over the hot summer!

Once his fur grew back in .... he looked more like his old self again ... and appreciative for the relief. For those who don't know ... mats go right down to the skin ... and pull at the epidermis causing severe discomfort. Shaving them off & allowing the fur to grow in again is the only way to correct the problem.

This is what he looked like months after that had happened. Back to his beautiful long-haired self ... without those nasty mats! He is such a beautiful boy!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Jenny's Card

Okay ... so this is the really big card I made for Jenny!

Her last official day was Friday ... but I was off ... & suggested to the gals that we should do a "Farewell Dinner" for her ... and we'll do that this Saturday evening ... and will present it to her then. Hopefully by then the rest of the staff will have had a chance to sign it!

It measures 20 x 20 when folded as you see it above ... but folds out to 40 x 20 to reveal all of these Happy Face characters & balloon captions messages from the staff!

Last but not least ... I personalized it with my own crazy logo!

The management & staff was really impressed with my creation ... amazing what you can do & how much fun you can generate with a few packs of ... stickers! I'm sure Jenny will love the effort ...but moreso all the good wishes that everbody sends her way! It's a keeper!

Now you can appreciate why the whole visual thing was essential! A picture (or 3) is worth the 1000 words!

Will tell ya more after the dinner thing!

Hugs ... Marie

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