Thursday, March 31, 2011

Stitched All Day!

It's been a very productive day ... as I spent most of it stitching.
Had a few other things to do that I managed to squeeze in ... like eating ... but as nothing in the outside world required my attendance & as I had the day off I just stayed in my jammies and stitched away.

I got quite a lot done on my Sendai block ... and will hopefully get some scanning done tomorrow night so I can show you what I've added.

One seam I did last night was in Kreinik gold cable Herringbone to which I added some leaf pairs in YLI Pearl Crown Drab Green & some Colonial Knot florettes in same but in Cranberry.

Today I added a seam with half wagon wheels using Ribbon Floss ... another with Cast-on scallops ... a Feather Stitch vine with bullion leaves Bullion-tip Lazy Daisy flowers ... and covered most of one patch with large green leaves worked in short-end Fly Stitch.

I've also pinned a small piece of lovely lace in place and will anchor that down next.

I think that's pretty much it for today.  Time to get horizontal ... have an early start tomorrow!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Embellishments As Previously Mentioned

So here's the visuals for the embellishments I told you about yesterday.

Some threads I forgot to mention ... because I hadn't yet added them on the first pic ... the enhancement on the flowers was 2-strands of Vikki Clayton's silk floss ... Peach I think ... and the tiny branches were in YLI Silk 30.

While I was stitching ... I realized my threads & ribbons had originally come from Japan ... and that there were many other things that I loved that also came from there.

I drive a Toyota Corolla 5-speed standard ... one of the best cars ever made!  While actually built here ... orignated there! 

Also ... sushi ... I love it!  We make our own quite often with traditional Japanese rice & nori that come all the way from Japan.

Well ... I have a bit of time to stitch now ... so off I go!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Where To Start?

OMG two posts in one day ... but that's what happens when one gets inspired!

I'm happy to say that I've spent the last several hours stitching away ... it was difficult at first trying to decide where to begin.

I definitely decided on the bottom left corner.  That little patch with flowers seemed to call to me.

So ... decided to embellish what was already there.  I enhanced the stems with backstitching ... then whip-stitched over that for more definition.  Next I added to the tiny blue floral pattern ... using single-wrapped French Knots with Vikki Clayton's #12 Silk Pearl in Alpine/Lavender.  Ohhh this thread is so lovely to work with!

In the bottom centre I've added a spray of French Knot Roses ... also Vikki's stuff ... it's called OMG Red 1149 in 4mm ribbon.  So far I've added the stems with her silk floss (Imperial Green 3331) ... and next will be the leaves ... also in silk ribbon (YLI 72 - 4mm).

I'm taking this a seam or patch at a time.  I find that I work best if I focus on what calls to me at the moment.

I'll scan & add the visuals tomorrow.

I'm feeling confident that this block is gonna be so awesome!

My Empty Canvas

Okay ... here we go!  I started with some kimono fabric and pulled from the colours on it adding some other cool bits that I have in my stash.  Sorry to say the actual colours are not showing true ... they are much more awesome in person.

So ... on to the stitching part!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Block Pieced ... & Ready To Stitch!

I decided to stitch it by hand instead of machine ... but must zig-zag the edge ... so will pop over to see my sis Cathy ... the seamstress extraordinaire ... who always has machines at the ready.
It's been a while since I've done any stitching ... let alone a CQ block ... that darned beading bug really had me mesmorized for the longest time ... but now I'm so ready to play with ribbons & threads again!
Must run ... have to work at noon so best get moving!
Hugs ... Marie

Added later ... the zigzag actually ended up on her serger ... for an awesome edge!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Strength in Numbers ... Hearts & Hands for Sendai

I've felt this way before ... in the wake of disaster ... this feeling of wanting to help ... to do something for those affected.

The last time was after Katrina left New Orleans in devistating ruins.

This time I want to do my part to help in Japan ... but more specifically ... Sendai.

I have discovered that Leslie over at CQ International has a project underway in joint effort with Hideko in Japan to create quilts that will become part of an exhibit there ... money will be raised by viewings of the quilts and eventually they'll be auctioned off and the proceeds donated to a charity chosen by Hideko.

You can get full details by clicking on the link below. Sane or CQ ... it's up to you.

Hearts and Hands for Sendai

8" blocks are the requested size ... it's one small thing we can do. It's work from the heart ... and from our hands ... that can & will make a difference ... and make our world just a bit smaller ... by showing support & compassion on an international scale to some of those who have been affected by this catastrophic event.

Imagine the hope we can share ... complete strangers half a world away giving their talents to help comfort & support ... and let them know we care.

Trust me when I tell you ... the donation of one block and a few dollars ... will make your heart feel so good! We have a chance here to show how much strength there can be in numbers!

I hope that more of you out there will find it in your heart to accept this challenge.

May God Bless You ... if you do!

Hugs .. Marie

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patty's Day !

While I personally do not have an ounce of Irish in me ... I want to wish all who do ...

Happy St. Patrick's Day !

Erin Go Braugh !

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Today Felt Very Spring-like! ... Here Anyway!

While it seems to be taking a long time to get here ... today definitely felt like a spring kinda day!

Started off with a bit of sun then clouds ... and a few fluuries ... but spring really is like fall in reverse ... so this is pretty typical for the time of year.

Yesterday I heard a very definitive sign that spring is very near ... laughing robins!

Yay ... they're back ... that made my heart sing! These guys are the first sure sign of the seasonal change!

And the whole "spring ahead" thing has happened ... so more light later in the day will be something to look forward to!

Another sure sign of spring (while pretty specific to our household) ... DH went to inspect the boat this morning ... to see how it fared over the winter! I'm sure he's looking forward to getting it in the water for some fishing ... though that won't be for a couple of months yet.

Spring Break is this week too ... for some. My break will be next month ... as I usually take a brief reprieve before the Garden Centre season begins.

Have you noticed how late Easter is this year??? Almost the end of April! Hopefully by then everyone won't have to wear coats over their Easter finery! That's something to look forward to ... for us anyway.

While we look forward to spring ... I simply can't help feeling a sense of dispair for the desperate situation that Japan has had to face recently.

When the awesome powers of nature are unleashed ... as was evident there ... one cannot help but feel compassion for those who have been devistated by the whole event. The video footage that I've seen of the quake & the tsunami aftermath seems so surreal ... that it's hard to fathom the reality of it. But reality it is ... captured live on video ... in all it's horrific visual footage.

How overwhelming a 30 foot wall of water must be!? When huge ships are tossed about like toys & smashed into bridges ... it's hard to imagine ... but so driven home by the actual footage.

I pray for them ... and for us all ... as this is just one incident of forboding that makes us realize how fragile our blue planet really is ... and my greatestest fear is that the whole end of this planet will happen as the Mayans forecast ... in 2012.

I'm usually an optimist ... I really hope that they were wrong on this ... but ... it is out of our control ...things will happen as they may.

I think I've mentioned before that I'm a fan of a band called Linkin Park.

Melanie got me their current album for Christmas ... and it is very thought-provoking.

The album is titled "A Thousand Suns".

One of my favourite tracks (lyrically) addresses the whole " end of the world" issue:

"God Bless us everyone
We're a broken people living
On a loaded gun.
And it can't be outfought
It can't be outrun
It can't be outmatched
It cant't be outdone.
And when I close my eyes at night
To images of dieing light
Far from the world of you and I
Where oceans bleed into the sky!"

Prophetic? Apocolyptic?

Hoping we have more time than this prophecy affords us.

I don't mean to be all gloom & doom ...but hey ... it could happen!

God bless us everyone!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It's Finally Here ...YAY!

My copy of Crazy Quilt Gatherings has finally arrived!

Ohhhh Pat ... it is so awesome! The preview was amazing ... but there's nothing like having a physical tangible printed copy in one's hands! I know I'll be pouring over it again & again!

For those of you who have not had the pleasure yet ... scroll down a few posts and click on the link ... and you can see how to get your very own!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Sick ... and I Don't Do Sick Very Well!

The temperature goes up ... then down ... then up ... sheesh ... the perfect breeding ground for germs ... and sometimes resistance is futile! You can't see it coming until ... wham! It get's ya.

Some bug has got me ... a sinus thing that is now moving down to my chest ... and all I wanna do is get into my PJs and sleep. But even that isn't a relief when you wake up several times a night sneezing or hacking ... it's such a nuisance.

It totally throws me off my game. I don't like to feel miserable ... and I can't seem to focus on anythhing but that. Medication can get me through the day ... until I can come home & get into bed. Calling in sick is not an option ... so just suck it up and wait till it's over.

Sorry to share the misery with you all ... but like I said ... I don't do sick very well!

Where the heck is spring? Wiarton Willie ... did you mess up ... or what?

On a positive note ... Sunday March 13th begins Daylight Saving Time ... and I will gladly sacrifice that one hour knowing that soon this dreary winter crap will be over.

I know everyone is feeling the same!

Chicken Noodle soup ... maybe that'll help! Ugggghhh. (Aaaachoooooo! God Bless Me!)

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