Monday, May 23, 2011

It's Been A Looonnnggg Weekend!

May 24 weekend ... also known as Victoria Day ... when those with cottages typically get their summer abodes open ... and those of us without cottages typically get their gardens planted.

This year proved to be quite a challenge ... Forget-me-nots just took over my small backyard ... and as much as I hated to do it ... I had to hack a bunch of them down ... just  to gain ground!

There is still a 2 foot deep border of them around the garden  but they'll have to come down before they go to seed ... or I'll have the same blue backyard  next year!

I have reclaimed the area that has been reserved for tomatoes ... and  planted some annuals that will be the focus of my summer colour ... it was definitely a labour of love ... but worth every second spent !

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Crazy Quilt Gatherings - Issue 2 Up For Preview!

It's official ... and it's another awesome edition of Crazy Quilt Gatherings from none other than the incredible Pat Winters ... and will be available for you this weekend!

You can preview the latest edition here.

I'm so excited about this one ... because it features a special block that I'm thrilled to share with you all ...something I created some time ago ... entitled Twilight in the Fairy Glen!

This block was my submission to "another" magazine's annual Calendar Contest. 

While it didn't win a coveted spot in their calendar ... I personally felt it was some of my best work.

So ... check it out!

I'm thrilled that Pat asked me to submit my work for her CQ Gatherings ... this marks my sixth published piece ... I hope you enjoy it!

Love & Hugs


Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday The 13th!

Are you superstitious?  Does a Friday the 13th spook you?

I for one love them!  My daughter Melanie was born on one ... and I know three people who have their birthday today ...Deb & Moe from work ... and my dear sis Nadine!  Hope you all had a great day!

I'm still working away at Amy's first Mothers Day gift ... took soooo much longer than I thought ... but nearing the final stage & hope to scan at some point over this weekend ... and will visit her on Tuesday to deliver ... so pics will be forthcoming shortly thereafter!

Time flies so fast ... the Twins are nearly 9 months now ... Amy recently told me about the differences in their food adventures ... funny how their palates vary ... one seems to be  a "meat & potatoes" kinda guy ... while the other seems to have a more adventurous food spirit ... taking to the likes of Brussel sprouts, mango & turnip!  Kids , eh?  They are such a surprise!

Well it has been a long & busy day ... and while that's a good thing ... it's also tiring for an old broad!

Time for feet up and some Tube Time!

Later ...Marie

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers' Day To All You Moms!

Hope all you Moms got pampered today ... you deserve it!

It dawned on me that this is my 20th Mothers' Day ... wow!  Where does the time go?  But for my Mom  ... it's her 59th!  I'm so glad I still have her with me!

My dear children found me a replacement bottle of my fave perfume ... that escaped from my purse & smashed on the ground (half full no less!) ... a box of decadent fudge in various flavours ... & DH got me a lovely bottle of Chardonnay ... that went very well with my Clam Alfredo for dinner!

For my dear neice Amy ... it is her 1st ... and though I haven't been able to connect with her yet .. I hope she is enjoying it!  The twins are just over eight months now ...getting mobile ... teething ... and all the other fun stuff that comes with those infant stages ... stuff I am glad is long gone!  It's lovely when your children are self-suffiecient ... have jobs ... & help pay the rent!

I am working on a special gift for her (which I'd hoped to have completed & delivered to her today ... but it is still in the works ... so maybe by Wednesday ... my day off I'll be able to get it to her).  Will share pics after she receives it.  For now ... suffice it to say ... it's a Twins frame.

Amy lost her Mom to cancer in 2001 ... my project incorporates fabric from the dress her Mom wore as my Matron - of - Honor.  Blue satin ... and Brenda certainly was the Devil With the  Blue Dress On!
I miss her every day ... she was a kindred spirit ... an awesome Mom and was taken far too young.

As I was working away on the frames ... my thoughts turned to my first Mothers' Day ... it was quite an event!

Tim was barely 6 months old ... and I decided to go visit my  Mom for the day.  On the way home ... I had car trouble ... on the 401 ( Toronto area residents can appreciate this ... it's one of the main arteries for traffic through the city).  I was in the left centre lane of a six-lane highway when the engine started acting strange ... had to move over three lanes through heavy traffic to get to the shoulder before it all-out died!  I was nearing panic at this point ... this is not where you wanna be ...  ever ... let alone with a 6-month old in the back seat!  He had been peacefully asleep until we stopped ... then woke up hungry & began to cry.

Ya ... just what I needed at that moment ...a crying hungry child ... while I was in tears having my own little panic attack!

I had planned to be home by then to feed him ... but a Mom's gotta do what a Mom's gotta do ... so I climbed into the back seat .. got him out of the car seat & whipped out the boob! ... all the time praying that (A) I wouldn't  get rear-ended or that (B) help wouldn't arrive while we were nursing ...with me still crying my eyes out!

Somehow we got home ... don't even remember how (but I think it was by tow-truck).

So ... got any great Mothers' Day memories to share?

Sharing Sendai Block #2

Instead of making you scroll down to see the "before" picture, I decided to start with it on this post so that you could quickly see how it transformed ... from the bare state to the finished one.

The starting point for this block was the heart.  I wanted it to be like a floral wreath ... and just add as my creativity dictated from there.  I kept thinking ... from the darkness of dispair ... into the light of hope ... and to life continuing in the face of adversity.

The butterfly at the centre caught me up ... quite close to what we know here as a Mourning Cloak.

If one creature in nature could be so reprisentative of a feeling ... surely this one seemed to fit.

Seam by seam & patch by patch I kept adding things as my inspiration dictated.   Once the heart wreath was in place, I felt compelled to complete the tree at the bottom.  I had cut off the greenery that completed the original scene ... but replaced it with a different look ...  a wonderous full-blooming Flowering Crab that I sooo love to see this time of year.

Then I decided to add the vine with the pink florettes and heart-shaped leaves.

On the bottom right ... I added the script For Sendai and surrounded it with Griffin Rose Buds in yellow for remembrance ... of all the lives lost in this devistating event.

Spring here was obviously on my mind when I added the Lilac spray on the upper left corner.  I am fortunate to have an awesome bush out back of my yard ... and just had to add the bouquet of them!

Upper right ... the blue & cream seam treatment came out of the blue ... but left a patch of pink bare ... filled in with a bunch of laser-etched roses ... I was going to add leaves & such ... but decided that their basic beauty needed nothing more.

Last but not least ... Forget-me-nots.  Thank you Pat for reminding me how welcome these spring flowers are ... they' re taking over my small backyard as we speak ... but I welcome them  and their cheery disposition ... they bring joy & colour to my world and to the rest of the world.

So ... there ya go ... it`s done and I`m happy with it!


Monday, May 2, 2011

Quick Update ... YAY ... It's May!

Enough with the April Showers ... let's get on with the May Flowers!

As I drove up the drive today I noticed that the big batches of tulips in the beds in front of the office are showing flower buds ... and can't wait to see the multitude of yellow blooms!  On the next street over one house has a Forsythia hedge that is now in bloom ... and it looks awesome!  Ahhh ... the plants are saying that spring is here!

Rainy weather has put a damper on the opening of the Garden Centre ... but better weather this week has prompted us to get it happening ... and that is encouraging.

I'm also looking forward to this weekend off ... and to hopefully get some spring clean-up done outside ... and anticipating finishing my second block for Sendai before then.  It's getting pretty full ... just a few more things to add ... then I'll scan & share.  I'm liking how it's coming together!

Well  ... that's about it for now  ... more soon!

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