Sunday, November 27, 2011

I Survived Magic Weekend!

Well ... I'm late out of the gate at wishing all my US friends a Happy Thanksgiving ... and I hope it was full of good fun & good food!

I myself was enveloped in the craziness that we at the Tire call "Magic Weekend" ... our annual event that is the kick-off to the Christmas season.

Friday & Saturday I was there from 7 - 4 ... to process the throngs of shoppers out for the best deals ... and OMG ... we were at one point a little overwhelmed!  I had to keep calling in more & more staff for help!  It was certainly a Black Friday for us ... as we were sooo in the black (way better than last year)!

I was glad at the patience of the crowd ... they were very content to wait in long lines to score their deals ... next year we'll plan for more staff earlier!  Who knew so many people would have this day off & free to shop?  Live & learn.  Yes well ... that's retail for ya!

In the free time I could scrounge ... I tried to relax & spend a bit of time in the therapy of creative pursuits ... finished piecing a new heart for a special project ... and then this new Go Bag ... which seems to have raptured my creativity!

Maureen Greeson has referred to this style as "whole cloth CQ" ...but I prefer caaling it "Faux CQ".

Faux translated from French would mean "Fake" ... but Faux sounds more elegant.  It employs seam treatments ... but on one piece of solid fabric as opposed to a traditionally  pieced CQ format.

Here you can see the right & wrong sides of the denim fabric I'm working on ... thought I'd show both as the lighter wrong side shows it better.  On the right side ... I'll stitch the seam treatments ...mostly in Pearl Crown Rayon for it's awesome & spectacular contrast on the denim ... and if  need be I could throw it in the wash the odd time.

So now with the basic map in place ... I'm going to start creating seams ... yaaaa the fun part!

I'll share more when I get that happening!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Busy Busy Busy! BDs, Projects & Retail ... Oh My!

November is always a busy month for me ... both my kids are November babes ... so I don't even start thinking Christmas until ... well ... today!

Melanie's BD was November 13th ... yes my baby girl was born on a Friday no less ... so I've always thought of Friday the 13th as a pretty darned lucky day.

In Canada ... 19 is Legal age ... and it is with mixed feelings of relief and dismay that I  welcome this milestone in her life!

I have to say ... it was quite amusing to watch her do Birthday Shots with a couple of friends that we've known since Grade 3!  Tim treated to dinner and a huge bar tab ... but he also instigated many of the shots.  Her party was at the Bear & Firkin where he works ... and while he was actually working that night ... indulged in a few shots with the group.

Mommy lasted till 9:00 pm ... with only one drink for good cheer ... and headed home ... as she had been at work early that day ... & was pretty much done!

Tim's BD was yesterday ... and he wanted to go to the Imperial Buffet for dinner.  So we did ... and then afterward met up with his friends for some BD cheer.

This was his King Birthday ... born on the 21st ... and turning 21!  Now that's a special BD!

Both of their gifts this year were wallets. 

I was thrilled that ... weird as this may seem ... the very wallet that I chose for Mel. ... she was actually contemplating buying from Danier ... not two weeks ago ... but I was unaware of that when I bought it!

And Tim's ... was exactly right for what he needed ... a new one that was a bit more elegant  than his old raggy thing ...just enough for ID and cash ... and he was happy with it.  Hard thing to accomplish for a young man whose first love is electronics ... video games specifically ... which he also got from Melanie.

Okay ... so even with all these special events going on ... I've been focusing on some creative endeavours ...because welllll ... when the ideas hit ... ya just gotta go with the flow!

I pieced another CQ Heart ... because I have plans for a new project themed with it.  And ... right out of left field came another project that has consumed me ... a small purse that I'm calling a Go Bag ... the kind of  thing that will accomodate just the bare essentials ... wallet, phone & keys.  Base is denim ... with the outer flap worked in Faux CQ ... seam work done on a solid base.  Some pics will help to visualize ... when I get to that stage.

And then there's my day job ... which is becoming more intense with  Christmas on the horizon!  Yup ... sales are up ... and that's a good thing!

More soon!

Ciao for now!

Hugs ... Marie

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

On The Roller Coaster ... Yet Again!

Yes well we all know life is about "ups & downs" and that's why I always feel like I'm on the perverbial Roller Coaster!

The Past two weeks have been no exception.

Now that I'm over this "sick thing" ... I'm back into the grind and from now on ... it's pretty much "full tilt" to Christmas!  Yup ... that's the way it goes in retail ... Halloween is but a memory ... pack it away and Deck The Halls!  And ... just to make sure I can stave off the worst new bug that might rear it's ugly head ... I got my annual Flu Shot this week too!

I don't think that I mentioned this ... but one of my regular day gals had a very bad injury a few weeks ago ... she was getting off the bus on her way home from work one day ... and managed somehow to trip on the stairs ... the worst is that the way she fell ... she managed to fracture BOTH ankles!

OMG ... like one would have been bad enough ... two is gonna definitely put you right out of commission!  She can barely walk at all ... let alone stand!  I feel so bad for her ... she is one of my most dedicated people ... the kind who will do whatever it takes ... whenever it's needed!

Okay ... this is a glimpse ... I phoned her today to see how she was doing ... and if she had any idea when she might be able to get back on duty.  She was being faced with the possibility of surgery to fix one of the fractures ... but the specialist told her that ... fortunately it would not be needed.  While happy about that ... this same specialist warned her that because she's diabetic ... she would have to expect a longer recouperation time.  And ... while she can accept that ... the realization that winter weather is imminent ... and that she'll have to be extra careful ... she dresses every day in her uniform ... just to keep focused that soon she will be coming back to work!

Now that's dedication!

Yesterday I got some very grim news ... our Dealer ... Bill Graham is going to retire ... for health reasons.  He has recently been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer.  This is a cruel diagnosis for a man that was expecting to have Golden Years in front of him.  Now it is uncertain as to how much time he has left.

Harder still ... is the repercussions for us all ... going into the busiest time of the year ... knowing that the Boss is personally overwehelmed by a fight for his life.

As a team ... we can only perform as we must ... to focus on the task at hand ... and to do what we must to get through.  We are strong ... and can do this ... in spite of all odds.

But it so sucks ... that we will have to face  the ultimate demise of one man who is so loved by his staff ... a gentle giant .. a husband & father & grandfather ... it is just so hard to anticipate.

And ... on the horizon ... the prospect of a new dealer ... what does that mean for all of us?  Are we all secure in our positions ... or will we be replaced by staff of his/her choosing?

It's not even something we can speculate on at this time ... it's a "wait & see" situation.

I for one am confident in my abilities and contributions to the day-to-day performance that is required to keep things happening ...but I do worry for some of my protoges.

Time will tell!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

It's a Cake Walk!

Imagine my surprise ... when the local Wednesday paper arrived ... and right there on the cover was my daughter's boss!

Lisa is another local Pickering artist ... her medium ... cakes!

She & her team recently won top honours on Cake Walk - Wedding Cake Edition (TLC - Slice) ... with their Halloween themed creation!

You can see some of her fabulous creations at :

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Playing With Paisleys

I actually have a few projects on the go right now ... one is simmering for a grand debut early next year ... and one is sort of a spin-off that just kinda happened as a result.

The latter is in essence ... beaded paisleys ... and I've cranked out 10 so far ... and they are pretty cool!

I'll get them scanned in and put up on ArtFire soon for you to see.

I'm thinking they'd be a perfect little embellishment for a CQ piece ... they're strung on wire ... which can be couched down ... then embellished as your heart desires ... fill it up with stitchery or more beads ... an SRE spray or ... well ... just let your imagination run wild!  After all ... there are no rules here.

Inspiration is the key ... and fun will be the result!

Hugs ... Marie

Friday, November 4, 2011

MUCH Better ... Thanks!

Ahh ... it feels so good to be back to my old self again.  I'm confident this nastiness is behind me.

At the worst of it ... I did seek out the advice of a trained professional ... namely a pharmacist ... to find out what I could / could not tolerate in combination with meds that my doctor has me on.  Funny how it fell in step with what I was already contemplating!

There's this cool product that I've employed from time to time that for me seems to help a lot ... and it's basically a mega-dose of good ol' Vitamin C ... Redoxon 1000 mg hits ... helps naturally to fight invading viruses ... that's it's job ... that's what it does ... and why didn't I think of that earlier?

I also added just a few doses of Tylenol Rapid Release and OMG ... I can function again!

It's all good!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

FLU ... Ewww

It's been a long time since I've had the flu ... sure ... the odd cold here & there ... but the past few days ... OMG!  Wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy!!!

It started Saturday ... and got worse as the day progressed.  I had already planned to have a few more vacation days (in lieu of Friday & Saturday I had to cover because of scheduling conflicts) ... I just hadn't quite planned to spend them in horizontal misery!  Didn't even make it through my whole shift ... didn't care ... just had to go lie down!

Nausea ... dizziness ... headache ... stabbing flu pains ... but worst was a dry hacking cough that wouldn't stop & left me feeling like I'd been beaten ... couldn't sleep ... then the coughing turned painful ... like my lungs were on fire ... ooowwww.

That was enough!  Headed out in search of brandy ... which I have found works better for chest congestion than any damned cough medicine!  It's that warming sensation that radiates all the way down ... and the alcohol's sedative effect turns off the cough trigger ... and I'm sure it wipes out some germs along the way!

While I'm still feeling a bit rubbery ... the worst is over ... the brandy did get rid of that nasty hack ... still the odd one now, but not painful like yesterday.  Keeping my diet light ... soup, eggs, toast ... the thought of anything heavier just not appealing at all.

To top it off ... this was the first time ever that I didn't do Halloween treats ... I felt bad about that ... but felt worse period.  Mel had to work until 6:30 ... and called to see if I had picked up any candy.  No ... I said ... but feel free to grab some if you feel like doing Shell Out ... so a bit later she arrived with several boxes of treats ... got some tea lights for two plastic Jack O Lanterns and set up outside to hand out treats!  She only had two kids come to the door!  Awwwe!

I'm thinking that she missed the bulk of the traffic the hour or so before ... and with Halloween on a school night ... they were done early.  Gotta give her A for effort!

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