Sunday, March 11, 2012

Added Some Leaves

Okay ... so decided to add teeny heart leaves ... also utilizing another (and one of my fave stitches learned from Betty) ... Bullions!  I make two of them ... adding extra wraps to make it longer than the base length ... and they bow a bit ... then I tack each in place to form the heart ... & fill in with satin stitch.  I think they look better in person than they seem here.

Oh ... another thing I directly credit Betty for ... is turning me on to YLI Pearl Crown Rayon!  I used it here for the flowers, leaves & the lacey seam above them.

Now ... which seam to work on next?  Have to think on that while I finish up the laundry!



Linda H said...

Lookin' good!! And I LOVE Pearl Crown Rayon too!!!

Diane said...

I love the leaves, what a neat idea. Did you make the trim at the top?
Pearl Crown Rayon is a thread I've never used or heard of. Is it available locally...or is that a silly question!

Marie Alton said...

Thanks Linda ... glad you enjoy them too!

Hi Diane! Long time no chat! Sorry I missed you at the Tire when you picked up your heart ... but glad you have it now!

My dear ... Pearl Crown is the most aweome rayon thread! I love how it handles ... as rayons go it is my fave! My source here in Pickering is Art of Fabric. They are on the east side of Brock Road in a plaza one block south of Bayley. It's about $6 / spool but each is 100 yds ... and the colour assortment is awesome!

I could share a few yards if you want to give them a try! Just e-mail me & let me know.

Hugs ... Marie

Marie Alton said...

Oops missed one thing ... the trim at the top ... yup made that too...though I'd have to really think hard to recall how.

I'm thinking two patts of criss-crossed herringbone in the centre ... botton hole half wheels at top ... backstitched base ... and detached bottonhole top & bottom ... I think that's right?!!

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