Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy Spring!

I woke this morning to singing robins ... that's such a lovely sound to hear first thing ... especially on the first day of SPRING!  Yup ... it's official!

After a pea-soup fog this morning ... the temperature this afternoon is 20 C ... and early perennials are simply jumping out if the ground!  Tulips, irises, alliums all sending up leaves quickly ... and the bush out front is budding ... as well as some of the trees.

I have the day off ... and while I was hoping to get started on some outside spring clean-up ... my back had different plans.  I don't recall doing anything in particular to aggrevate it ... but nonetheless it doesn't feel quite up to manual labour ... so ... oh well ... guess I'll just take it easy & stitch instead!

I've made more progress on my UFO turned WIP ... and will get another pic of it later to share.

Incidentally ... this is Post # 396  ... so that Big 400 is coming up soon!

More later!

Hugs ... Marie

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