Saturday, March 10, 2012

UFO Becomes WIP ... Inspiration : Betty's Teachings!

I started on this piece a few months ago ... and then stalled ... so it got slated (in my mind) as a UFO.

Recently I decided to have another look at it ... and have revisited it ... to upgrade it to a WIP.

Today I added to it ... incorporating something that I learned from Betty many years back.

The Cast-on Stitch is soooo versatile ... it lends itself to so many variations ... and while I have explored many of them ... this particular configuration I hadn't tried until recently.

Focus on the three bright pink florettes on the upper right.

They were made using 7-Cast-on stitches over a mere 3/8" space ... six spokes
completed each pattern of the florette and I added a single pearl bead in each centre.

Next I will add some greenery ... possibly with the Double Cast-on Stitch to compliment it.

Will share more as this WIP progresses!


Linda H said...

Very nice Marie. Love those little pink flowers as well as the pink roses - are they Fargo roses or the ones you call Melanie roses?

Marie Alton said...

Hi Linda ... Thanks ... I thought they turned out pretty good!

The little pink roses are French Knot Roses ... I have a tutorial in my blog somewhere ... I think if you check out same on the tag list you'd find it.

The Melanie Rose is far larger ... you can see those too by clicking on the tag.

Hugs ... Marie

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