Tuesday, April 10, 2012

399 ... WIP ... Done!

Welll ... the stitching part is .. but it's to be part of a larger piece that I will (hopefully) finish up soon.

As I was off this week ... I got ambitious and made a list of things to do ... ( is 10 things ambitious? ... probably ... when brain wants to do nothing!)

I had planned on going to visit my sis & Mom Saturday ... and that didn't happen ... my sis called me early in the day to warn me that they all had the flu!  Thankfully not Mom ... she's not staying with them now ... but in a nearby care facility.

Okay ... been there done that ... last time I booked off I was sick with it ... did not want to go there again!

Dark cloud ... silver lining ... I've got some time to stitch!

I only had two seams left ... but they were elusive ones!  Finally after digging out my threads & looking through them  ... got some ideas & finished them off!

In the centre ... just above the paisley design I used some Kreinik gold cord to create a simple feather stitch vine ... used Kreinik Ruby metallic fine braid to create berry clusters with Colonial Knots ... flanked with the same thread in Emerald for the leaves using a simple Lazy Daisy with a centre straight stitch.

The last seam ... was the one to the left of the pink French Knot Roses.  Decided to go with an alternating  leaf spray ... done with Fly Stitch (not the textbook version ... these have a very short vertical thread that form the centre vein of the leaf.  I did several of them on my Go Bag ... and love how they look ... as well as the amount of area that they cover!  Stitched with Pearl Crown Rayon from YLI ... need I say more?

So ... here's the thing ... you may have noticed ... that "399" at the beginning of the post title and yup ... we are here my dears!

Next post ... is the big 400 ... and I will use it to announce winners ... four of them!

How do you get in on the fun???  Well ... that depends on you! 

At point of posting ... if your name is on my Followers list ... it's one automatic entry!

Regular Followers who post a comment ... telling me which is your favourite seam on this heart ... gets you a second entry!

Why stop there?  If you have a blog ... and share a link with all your friends ... & let me know that too in your comment ... you get a third shot!

More?   OK !

Become a new Follower ... or post a comment on this post ... and you too have an entry!
Do both ... and ya get two ... blog & share ... ya get three!

I've learned over my years of blogging ... that  it's really ALL about sharing ... your passions, your thoughts, your accomplishiments & especially your creations.  It makes our world a cozy place filled with meeting, enjoying & sharing the same with others.

Deadline for entry  ... Saturday April 14th ... my last day of freedom before I have to return to my day job!

At 9:00 pm my time ... I will draw names of 4 Lucky entrants ... and announce them in that 400th post!
I know my life has been enriched by the wonderful friends I have found here ... continue to share with ... and God willing ... will someday have the opportunity to meet ... in person!

Love ... Hugs ... Thanks ... and Good Luck!!!

400 ... Wooo Hooo!  Can ya stand the excitement!??



Magpie's Mumblings said...

Hmmmm - do I have to choose just one? It's between the white beaded seam and the pink roses. No matter, they're all pretty kewl!

Debbie said...

Hi Marie! I'm a long time follower here!

Debbie said...

Very nice stitching, Marie. I like that seed beaded green seam. Also, your fly stitch leaves are cool. Fun giveaway question!

Gwen Buchanan said...

oh this a sweet piece of stitchery. Just lovely!

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