Thursday, May 31, 2012

Presents ... in the Mail!

Okay ... while I have to admit to having a pretty substantial stash of CQ supplies ... ribbons, threads, & fabric out the wazoo ... there were several dainties that I just seemed to have no stash of at all!

Well ... gotta fix that!

Enter Thearica Buuroughs ... whom I have recently become aquainted with during the Hearts For Betty extravaganza!  She is Sane & Crazy ... but tending to the latter on her awesome website ... where she has some wonderful embellishments available ... and I recently placed an order with her that arrived today!

It was a special treat ... to open after a long & very busy day at work.  When I arrived home ... my DD Mel was hanging out with some of her friends out front ... and asked if I had checked the mail.  I had earlier ... before going in to work for noon ... but the mail hadn't arrived at that point.

And while she unfortunately didn't get any mail  she was hoping for ... I did!  Yay!  Presents for me!

Literally ... it was!  Thearica wrapped my order in some lovely paper & tied ribbon around it like a present!

My order consisted of a quantity of various pieces of Venice Lace, several butterfly & heart beads & one special Czech Glass button (the last one available) and all of it was totally wonderful!

You must have a peek at all of the lovely things Thearica has to offer!  You can click on the  icon I've put in my side bar ... for

They are soooo much more awesome in person than shown!  Her prices are so reasonable too ... just go see!

Hugs ... Marie

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Jumpstart Day 2012

It is a fact ... that one in three families cannot afford to enroll their kids in community sport activities.

Many years back ... Canadian Tire founded the "Jumpstart Program" to raise funds to do just that ... to help kids who otherwise could not afford it ... get in the game.

To date ... I'm thrilled to tell ... that our store alone has been responsible for sponsoring 500 kids to get into sport & other phsically-related activities.  Soccer ... football ... baseball ... ballet ... tennis ... dance!  Anything that promotes active participation!

Last year we topped out as the Number One store in funds raised in the Durham Region. YAY for us!

Today was extra special as it was Jumpstart Day ... we held a variety of fundraising events ... and all proceeds will go directly to sponsoring young people in our area.

We had a Car Wash ... a 50/50 Draw and had a crew of officers from the Metro East Detention Centre showing a display of the assorted types of vicious weapons that have been seized from youth crime ... and go figure ... they topped out all other events in donations!  Who knew? 

We raised over $1000 today ... not to mention the efforts of cash staff ... who have been asking for donations by selling mini basketballs & baseballs since early May!

It's heart-warming to know that more kids will be able to "get in the game" ... and it's all due to the efforts of the many volunteers who gave their free time and effort to support this worthy cause!

A very special thanks to them all!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Victoria Day Weekend!

It's also known as May 24 weekend ... as I believe that is the dear ol' Queen V's official BD ... but we tend to celebrate it on whichever weekend happens to be closest to it ... & that'd be this one!  It's also the weekend when most cottagers get their summer digs open ... traffic is usually a nightmare ... but everyone seems to endure it ... just to have a few short enjoyable days elsewhere!

Business was booming today ... it was hard to keep up even with extra staff ... ended up working overtime just to accomdate the traffic.

Thankfully ... I now get to enjoy three glorious days off!  The weather forecast is awesome!  Warm & dry!

That's a change ... because the Monday of the weekend ... historically ... it always rains!

I'm planning to get outside ... get my wee patio set up with table, umbrella & chairs ... so we can enjoy the summer nights out there.  Will also get to working on prepping my small gardens ... and planting some Impatients in pots & flower boxes.

Summer ...  bring it on!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mothers Day ... Moms Are Special!

Many of you out there ... are Moms!

I don't need to tell you what that entails ... you know!

You are life-givers do it all ... from that first moment they enter your world ... the most important focus in your life is caring for your children. 

It is a 24-7 job with no remuneration ... and it spans years ... until the point when they can fend for themselves ... but yet ... it doesn't stop there!

Truth is ... it never stops!

You are always there for them ... whatever comes ... watching them grow ... helping them through the every stage... and feeling proud of what they've become.

You have every right to be proud!  You have brought them to this place ... and shown them the way to go.    They have learned and adjusted to growth ... and matured to the point where they can live their own lives.

Happy Mothers Day to all of you Moms!

Love & Hugs ... Marie

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