Saturday, May 26, 2012

Jumpstart Day 2012

It is a fact ... that one in three families cannot afford to enroll their kids in community sport activities.

Many years back ... Canadian Tire founded the "Jumpstart Program" to raise funds to do just that ... to help kids who otherwise could not afford it ... get in the game.

To date ... I'm thrilled to tell ... that our store alone has been responsible for sponsoring 500 kids to get into sport & other phsically-related activities.  Soccer ... football ... baseball ... ballet ... tennis ... dance!  Anything that promotes active participation!

Last year we topped out as the Number One store in funds raised in the Durham Region. YAY for us!

Today was extra special as it was Jumpstart Day ... we held a variety of fundraising events ... and all proceeds will go directly to sponsoring young people in our area.

We had a Car Wash ... a 50/50 Draw and had a crew of officers from the Metro East Detention Centre showing a display of the assorted types of vicious weapons that have been seized from youth crime ... and go figure ... they topped out all other events in donations!  Who knew? 

We raised over $1000 today ... not to mention the efforts of cash staff ... who have been asking for donations by selling mini basketballs & baseballs since early May!

It's heart-warming to know that more kids will be able to "get in the game" ... and it's all due to the efforts of the many volunteers who gave their free time and effort to support this worthy cause!

A very special thanks to them all!


Linda H said...

Yay!! Congrats! That's awesome!!

Gwen Buchanan said...

Wow that's fantastic marie... the more kids given the opportunities to take part in physical activities the healthier this world will be.

Marie Alton said...

Hullo Ladies!
I know as a Mom ... when my kids were young ... there was not enough expendable income to get them involved in sports ... Mel so much wanted to join a gymnastics club ... she was involved at one school in the program ... then we moved and the new school didn't have same. Had Jumpstart been around back then ... I would have certainly appreciated funding to help her get into a program ... but alas it didn't happen. I'm glad that more families these days can take advantage of this ... to get their kids into the very kinds of programs I couldn't afford back when. And ... that's why I love that our efforts are making a difference for many local families!

It is quite shocking how many kids are overweight and even obese these days ... so it is critically important that they do get & keep active ... it will help them be healthier now ... and will build a foundation for a healthy lifestyle as they grow into their teen & adult years.

Oh ... another thing that our regular donations fund ... is Breakfast Clubs ... in three schools! All kids are welcome to enjoy a hearty breakfast before school begins.

I participated as a volunteer at our school ... my kids even had breakfast there while I helped out ... and it was awesome to see how many kids came in. There were no questions asked ... simply available. Good to know they would start school with a full tummy ... able to concentrate on learning rather than hunger.

Hugs ... Marie

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