Friday, May 18, 2012

Victoria Day Weekend!

It's also known as May 24 weekend ... as I believe that is the dear ol' Queen V's official BD ... but we tend to celebrate it on whichever weekend happens to be closest to it ... & that'd be this one!  It's also the weekend when most cottagers get their summer digs open ... traffic is usually a nightmare ... but everyone seems to endure it ... just to have a few short enjoyable days elsewhere!

Business was booming today ... it was hard to keep up even with extra staff ... ended up working overtime just to accomdate the traffic.

Thankfully ... I now get to enjoy three glorious days off!  The weather forecast is awesome!  Warm & dry!

That's a change ... because the Monday of the weekend ... historically ... it always rains!

I'm planning to get outside ... get my wee patio set up with table, umbrella & chairs ... so we can enjoy the summer nights out there.  Will also get to working on prepping my small gardens ... and planting some Impatients in pots & flower boxes.

Summer ...  bring it on!

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