Monday, July 2, 2012

Awesome Swap Block!

I recently entered into an agreement with a long-time on-line friend to swap a 6" CQ block.

Her block arrived a few days ago ... and isn't it splendid?

It simply exudes Victorian elegance ... and am thrilled that I get to have it for my very own!

Here's the thing ... without me telling you ... can you guess who created this beautiful piece?

I will have a special treat to send each of you who guesses correctly by the end of July!

Hugs ... Marie


Debbie said...

Beautiful block, Marie! I think I might know who it is, but then it wouldn't do to put it in a comment, LOL! How do you want to work it?

Grovenore said...

Looks like Maureen Greesom (don't know if I spelled that right) to me. Grovenore

Pat Winter said...

I guess it was Maureen Greeson?
:-) Pat

Marie Alton said...

Debbie ... you can e-mail me your guess if you'd prefer!

Debbie said...

Lucky you, Marie! Do we get to see the block that you made? My first thought when seeing this block was Mary Anne Griffin. Haven't seen her on the Net for a while! My second guess is Pat, trying to throw the scent off, LOL!

Linda H said...

Haha- my guess was going to be Maureen Greeson as well.Looks like her work and I know she's been doing some block swaps...

Marie Alton said...

Debbie ... eventually you'll get to see my block ... but it is at this moment not finished.

And of course I think it's only fair to wait until the recipient has it in hand before I share.

Will post that after delivery!

Hugs ... Marie

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I'm guessing Maureen too!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

oops - also meant to say that this is a lovely block!

Marie Alton said...

Okay ... so today being the end of the month ... I have four correct confirmed posts ... it was indeed Maureen Greeson ... who incidentally was one of my personal inspirations for tackling CQ in the first place!

I find her style fluid and unencumbered ... tending to inspiration rather than encrusted. The fabrics and embellishment compliment each other, rather than compete ... and therein I found my inspiration.

I must admit that I tried to rush completing my block for her ...and should know better by now ... that haste makes waste! There is one section that I'm not happy with ... and intend to rip out & start again. Just not what I wanted.

Have some holiday time coming soon ... and will re-do that section then ... & share the finished block once Reen has received it in person.

Stay tuned!

Marie Alton said...

All of you winners ... am working away at getting your prizes packed up ... but as this is a holiday weekend ... they'll get posted on Tuesday by the looks of things.

So little time ... so much to do!

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