Friday, July 20, 2012

Good News!

Okay ... so the results are in ... and it was encouraging to find out that my strict regimen of supplements has yielded positive results!

My appointment with the specialist was on Tuesday.  It was the hottest damned day of the year so far ... but after a quick stop in at Timmie's for a muffin and Frozen Raspberry Lemonade ... I made it over to the doc's office ... only to have to wait 40 mins to see him (why are doctors such poor time managers?)

And once in his inner sanctum ... discovered that he didn't even have a copy of the test results!  After a quick call to my physician's office ... they were able to fax over a copy of this report ... so I was able to get the feedback.

At least it was good news!  My bone density has improved by a good margin!  I went from a reading of -3.6 to -2.1 ... (and in whatever units this is measured ... it is good!) 

So ... it would appear that the 2 injections of Prolia well as my daily ingestion of extra calcium & Vitamin D3 are making a difference.  Good to know ... glad that I'm showing an improvement.

The regimen will continue ... andI have a script now for 5 years worth of Prolia ... so same time next year after another Bone Density Scan  ...we'll review the stats again ... and hope that same measurement of density will show the same increase.  I guess time will tell ... but I'm optimistic that "tried & true" will produce the results we expect ... here's hoping!  It is encouraging for the moment ... and one less thing to stress over.

Relieved for now!

Hugs ... Marie


Magpie's Mumblings said...

YAY!!!! Good news indeed Marie. Hope you're managing to stay at least somewhat cool.

Linda H said...

Yay!! That's great Marie! You must be relieved AND pleased... Keep swallowin' that calcium... ;)

Marie Alton said...

Thanks ladies ... good news is always welcome ... and is always better when your health is concerned! When the doc who knows about this stuff is impressed & happy with the progress ... even better! Had some bloodwork done as a follow-up ... to confirm levels of same ... but suspect they will support the other test findings.

I have been ingesting the exact right amounts of Calcium & Vitamin D ... I think the specialist must have recommended same on last years visit ... tho he didn't have notes on that ... whatever ... I'm glad for positive results!

Pat Winter said...

That is wonderful news Marie!!!! Yeah!!!

Marie Alton said...

Thanks Pat ... definitely glad that the news was good ... like I said ... less to stress over ... 'cause lately that is on the back burner of worries! On the work front ... I'm seriously getting way more than I really need/want right now! I'm losing a lot of staff this year ... and that is leaving me at the short end of the stick ... not sure if & how this is all going to work ... or if I'll have enough bodies to cover! While we are in the midst of hiring replacements ... it doesn't seem to be enough ... soon enough. I feel like I'm plugging holes in a dam ... immenent failure could happen at any time ... OMG ... talk about stress!

Gwen Buchanan said...

Marie, sounds like the results are good cause you are being such a good girl and following directions!!! I have never had this looked into. it is probably something we all should pay attention to. All the best, gwen

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