Thursday, July 5, 2012

How Dense Am I?

Okay ... I don't mean this in the mental sense ... but rather in the physical sense ... my bones!

You regulars will recall that last year my doc diagnosed me with severe osteoporosis.  Today I had another Bone Density Scan ... to see if the treatment I've been receiving over the last year has helped ... and whether my bone density has improved.

I've been ingesting an extra 1300 mg of calcium + a Vitamin D supplement daily ... plus had two bi-annual injections of a drug called Prolia ... which is supposed to  help strengthen my bones.

I'll have to wait till I see the specialist on the 17th to get the results.

Hoping for good news.

Did  I mention? ... getting old sucks?


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Hah - getting old ain't for no sissies, that's for sure! Hope you get good results.

Marie Alton said...

Hi MA ... I am hoping for good results ... fingers crossed ... I could really use some good news!

Hugs ... Marie

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