Saturday, August 25, 2012

Happy (Official) BD Aiden & Alex!

Yup ... it was exactly two years ago today that the Dynamic Duo of Aiden & Alex made their entrance to this world!

Here they are with Momma & Poppa at their family debut ... a shower held for them in October  2010.

They were a few weeks early ... but healthy ... and have grown steadily ... and now... wow at 2 they are just such a joy!

Look at these two just hangin' out on the porch!

And while they're brothers ... also totally best buds! Huggies!

It's cool that they're fraternal ... because it's easier to tell them apart ... but they're also very individual personalities ... each with their own unique traits.

Aiden is focused ... he loves routine and loves cuddling.  Alex ... is more out-going ... and needs to keep busy.  Finds TV a bore ... would rather play with toys while bro watches the tube ... & cuddles on the couch with Poppy ( aka Grandpa).

Still waiting on the BD pics to make it onto FB so I can share how much fun we had at their party ... but for now I can share Aunt Marie's BD card for them ... had to make one myself ... because apparently card companies haven't produced anything for twin events!


Linda H said...

What cuties they are!!! And nice that they are so close. Enjoy them while they're little, they grow up so fast!

Marie Alton said...

Hi Linda ... you are sooo right! It's so fun to enjoy them while they are little ... and crazy how they grow so fast!

Love seeing the changes in them as they grow ... all part of the "circle of life" ... it keeps us moving forward ... growth & evolution ... moving on.

Ain't life grand!

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