Monday, August 20, 2012

The Minis Turn TWO !

OMG!  Where does the time go?  Seems like yesterday that Aiden & Alex were these teeny tiny babes ... now they're already two!

Well the official day is this coming Saturday ... but Amy & Chris held their party a bit early (due to other social events on their crammed social agenda) ... but no matter ... it was a ton of fun!

Weather ... couldn't have been better ... a bit cloudy & cool ... but really just right.  Tons of great food ... salads, BBQ Burgs & Dogs & Sausages ... fresh corn ... all so yummy!

Got to visit with most of my siblings & their SOs ... and neices & nephews & their SOs ...really great to have everyone in one place at one time!

Well ... after all it was a "kids" party ... and there were lots of them there too.  A whole slew of games were planned for them ... so fun to watch them having fun!

There was "Pin the Smokestack on Thomas ( the Tank Engine) ... Shoot the Hoop (basketball) and Whack at the Piniata... which was a " 2 " ... the last and ultimately successful blow was delivered by my 10 year old neice Sarah ... who cracked it open ... and released all the cool goodies inside!  The kids all grabbed drink cups & filled them up with all the stuff!

And the came the presents!  Two two-year olds can get really excited with those!

They got Sock Monkeys ... Angry Birds ... clothes ... towels ... Mega Blocks ... & Grandpa got them their very own Jumping Castle ... but Mommy & Daddy  spoiled them the most ... Twin Red Mini Coopers!!!

OMG!  They were totally in heaven!  We had a blast watching them figure out how to work them!

Aiden seemed to figure it out real quick after Daddy showed him how it worked ,,, Alex took a few extra tutorials ... but finally figured it out!  I hope there'll be a YouTube video of this that I can share later ... it was a riot to watch!  The backyard was too small to contain these vehicles ... so they drove out to the street for more room to roam.  Fortunately they're on a relatively quiet crescent ... and the twins had so much fun with their new "wheels".

Of course the Grand Finale to the party was the Birthday Cake ... an incredibly beautiful one featuring "Thomas the Tank Engine and a Freight Car"  Everyone started singing "Happy Birthday" ... and at the point where they were supposed to blow out the candles ... Aiden was more focused on Thomas ... and plucked him right off the cake!  I think Daddy helped blow out the candles ... just so things would move along.

So much fun watching them have so much fun ... took me back to when mine were young ... and was fun having the bigger kids enjoy the fun of their youth.  Memories are made of this.

Can't wait to share some pics ... once I can scoop some!


black bear cabin said...

sounds like an awesome birthday...and i would have cracked up watching the kids drive those cars around :)
cant wait to see pics!

Marie Alton said...

Hi Lisa ... gotta say it was entertaining! I know there were lots of cameras out and shooting pics ... just have to wait till they get up in FB so I can scoop them! I'm sure Mom & Dad were pretty exhausted after the event ... so like I said ... once I can find some pics to post ... will share the fun.

Twin red Mini Coopers ... for the twins! Like I said ... hope there's video on YouTube ... it'd be a "must see" ... especially for the facial expressions of the twins. Totally funny!

Stay tuned!

Linda H said...

Wow- where does the time go?! Seems like you were just telling us about their birth!! Sounds like the party was a blast for all!

Gwen Buchanan said...

Hi Marie, I love Sock monkeys, it's been a while since I made one and I love to know that other people like them too.

Marie Alton said...

Hi Gwen ... these Sock Monkeys were actually commercially made/packageed was blue & one was brown. they were sooo soft & huggable ... the boys just loved them! Who wouldn't?

What's old is new again apparently!

Hugs ... Marie

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