Thursday, August 16, 2012

Time Off ... Sort Of ... and Reclaiming a Bed!

Vacation time ... sort of ... meaning even though I was supposed to have this week off, I still ended up having to cover two nights... because there just wasn't enough staff to stretch that far.

This year I've lost a significant number of staff that I have been relying on to keep things going.  Some have found other jobs ... some are going away to university or college ... and one even retired.

I find myself having to train more staff to fill specific positions ... and get new staff trained to fill the spots left by others.  It's tedious ... time-consuming work that requires patience ... to lead  the new staff through training ... to get them up to speed on all they need to know ... and become able to perform comfortably.

While I had booked this week off for a vacation ... I actually did have to cover Wednesday & Thursday nights ...  just to fill in the gaps.

So now I'm back on vacation for two more days ... and will enjoy the down time I have left.

One thing I'd planned to accomplish ... and did ...was to get down to the gardens at the entrance and reclaim them ... from the weeds that Mother Nature saw fit to germinate there!

I was successful ... to a degree ... 4 loads of compost material  later ... my Hostas are again visible.

Weeds ... 0 ... I win!

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