Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Does Time Heal All Wounds?

I think we'd all like to believe this ... but if you were to put yourself in the shoes of someone ... or anyone ... who lost a loved one on that horrific day ... that we remember today ... I think not.

Senseless ... viscious ... deliberate violence that robbed nearly 3000 lives from experiencing life to it's fullest.

Horrific images that still haunt all of us to this day ... even though 11 years have passed.

Anyone with any sense of compassion still feels for ... and shares in the grief of every family who was affected by it.  The pain of it may tend ease with time ... but I am sure it never really goes away ... as each anniversary of the event only brings it all back ... to remind us ... and cause us to reflect ...and remember all of those who perished that day.

Give a few moments of your time ... as their memory is what will enable them to live on.

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