Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Happy BD to Me! ... and the Winner is...

Thank you all for the BD wishes & your comments!

I find the older I get ... the less I look forward to another BD ... don't quite know why that is ... possibly because I am really starting to feel old!

My hands don't quite work the way they used to ... arthritis is creeping in ... and constantly affects my ability to do basic tasks.  My knees hurt pretty much all the time ... I've tried various remedies ... but they've pretty much been a waste of money ... so I find myself resorting to relief that numbs out the pain ... beer works ... but only short term.

My Mom is 30+ my age ... and seriously ... I wonder if I could make it that far ... feeling how I do now ... wondering if I really want  to be that old some day.

In many ways I do ... there are so many more life experiences that I want to enjoy ... like the next generation ... and being a Grandma ... seeing my kids move on in the stages of their lives.

I tend to take life one day at a time ... it seems to work better that way ... and really it's all you can bank on ...for you never know what is in store for you ... until it is right in front of you ... and you are forced to deal.

Too many times I've seen lives consumed by things that I had no control over ... good people who have been taken before their time.  Their  memory is all that I have left ... to cherish.

I don't think I'm being morbid here ... simply reflecting on life as it happens in the real world.

So today while I may be another year older ... I suppose I am another year wiser ... and that surely counts for something.

Thank you  all for your BD wishes .... they are truly appreciated!

So without further delay ... the winner of this BD Draw is Lisa Jo Westrope!  Congrats my dear!

I'll forward your prize soon!

Thanks ... Luv & Hugs ... Marie


Linda H said...

Happy Birthday Marie! Hope you have a wonderful day! "Do not resent growing old. It is a privilege denied to many."

Marie Alton said...

Thanks Linda ... I don't resent it ... just wish it didn't hurt so darn much. In a roundabout way I did mention that fact ... when I remember all those who have been taken too young. Guess I'm just missing them more today.
Hugs ... Marie

black bear cabin said...

wooohooo! just saw this post and found out i won :) soooo excited to receive a prize from you....your last one was well loved!
Havent been able to check in much with folks lately...been busy trying to put together a girl scout troop for the mountain kids up here...wish me luck :)
and thanks again for picking me :)
Hope your birthday was fantabulous!

black bear cabin said...

p.s. beer is good for you :)

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