Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tears of a Clown

Ha ... this pic was one I wanted to show back on my Halloween post ... but I couldn't find it!
Lo & behold ... Mel shared this on her FB page ... she had pulled it out to add to a collage she made on the wall in her room!
If I recall correctly ... this was the year she woke up next day covered in Chicken Pox!
That would account for the mood!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Gord Is Still Gold!

Friday night DH & I experienced a fabulous concert at Massey Hall in Toronto.

Gordon Lightfoot ... a Canadian music legend ... shared his talent with us.  It was a wonderful night.

Still has that amazing voice that we've come to know & love ... and despite his age ... turned 74 on November 17th ... (we all sang Happy Birthday to him) the crowd totally enjoyed his performance!

I was most impressed by the light show!  There were these cool triangular shaped pieces of cloth  strung up & down from the stage ... and reflected graphics in an awesome variety of colours!

He sang so many of his past hits ... and I was thrilled with them all ... especially "the Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald

Awesome night!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Lest We Forget

We are so fortuante to live free ... as we desire in this day & age ... but we must remember how & why this has become possible for us.

We must remember those who gave it their all ... and those who perished in the pursuit of maintaining our right to live free. 

For it certainly came with a price ...and the loss of many brave souls who didn't think twice about defending that freedom ... and who gave their lives defending it.

On the 11th hour ... of the 11th day ... of the 11th month we honour them.

Lest we forget!

"In Flanders Field ... the poppies grow
Between the crosses ... row on row."

Wear your poppy proudly ... to support those who made our freedom possible today!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Change Is As Good As A Rest!

November ... already ... OMG!  This year has really flown by! 

Recent events have shaken the lives of thousands ... and I find myself thinking how awful it must be for them ... and how fortunate I am.

Hurricane Sandy recently hit with devistating impact on the East Coast ... and my heart goes out to all of those who were in it's path ... it's going to be an enormous job to rebuild ... the pics I've seen on-line of the carnage it left ... almost surreal!  Same feeling I had after Katrina!

Sad for those who've lost homes ... and loved ones ... and businesses ... starting over after such a tumultuous loss will take strength & courage ... may God give them both!

Here ... all we got was wind & rain ... very heavy at times ... and some flooding ... but nothing close to the Coast.  The wind took down a lot of trees ... and one lady in Toronto perished after being hit by a sign that hit her!  It has pretty much dispensed all the leaves from the trees ... and those awesome fall colours now lay in heaps on the ground.  Now it's so dreary ... grey tones ... cold & damp ... need something to break up the monotany!

It's the little things ... like changing your blog look ... that can add a bit of cheer to your day ... especially when you actually can find time to do it!

Staffing challenges at work have forced me to resort to having to "think outside the box" so to speak ... split shifts have become my norm ... but at least it's keeping things on an even keel.  The hardest part has been trying to take time off!  I still have a week of holiday time to take ... and just no way to take it all in one shot ... so have resorted to three-day weekends off instead!

It's a change ... and a rest ... so I am taking what I can get for now ... and glad for it!

This will be a busy month for me ... both kids have birthdays ... Melanie on the 13th (and ya ... she was born on a Friday) ... then Tim on the 21st!

In between .... DH & I have tickets to a concert ... Gordon Lightfoot ... at Massey Hall in Toronto ... on November 16th!  I saw him there once before ... over 25 years ago ... and he was awesome!

The tickets are courtesy of Tim & Mel ... a joint Mothers Day/Fathers Day gift ... very thoughtful!
Both Paul & I love his music ... he is a Canadian music legend ... a real troubador ... grass roots folk songs ... and one awesome performer.

The first song that comes to mind ... that I hope he does ... is "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald".

"The legend lives on from the Chippewa down of the big lake they call Gitchi Gumi
Superior it's said never gives up her dead when the gales of November come early.
With a load of iron ore 26000 tons more than the Edmund Fitzgerald weighed empty.
That good ship & crew were a bone to be chewed when the gales of November came slashing " 

It is a song about an actual historic event ... a ship that sank on Lake Superior (one of my favourite lakes) many many years ago.

"In a rustic old hall in Detroit they prayed... in the Maritimes Sailors Cathedral.
The church bell chimed till it rang 29 times for each man on the Edmund Fitzgerald.
They might have split up or the might have capsized ... they may have broke deep & took water.
But all that remains are the faces and the names of the wives & the sons & the daughters."

Second fave to that would be "The Canadian Railway Trilogy" ... it documents the creation of the CNR ... Canadian National Railway ...which connected the country from sea to sea.  It was an awesome feat of engineering ... constructed over years of hard labour through severe landscapes by immigrant workers who pretty much worked for "a dollar a day and a roof for my head".  Many of them perished creating it.

There was a time in this fair land
When the railroad did not run
When the wild majestic mountains
Stood alone against the sun
Long before the white man and
Long before the wheel
When the green dark forests were
Too silent to be real.

The last line of the song is a tribute to those who made it happen ... not to mention the most haunting!

"And many are the dead men ... too silent ... to be real!"

Paul told me that he actually had to write a paper in high school about this song ... and specifically about what he thought about that line ... it was definitely something to think about!
Hugs ... Marie

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Little Lion Men

After reflecting on Halloween last post ... I thought I'd share the night's adventure from a different perspective ... new memories ... and the joy of two 2-year-olds!

Meet the Little Lion Men ... Aiden on the left ... Alex on the right!

Daddy took them door-to-door while Mommy got the pics.

Great shot ... notice how they're steps are in sync?

Amy & Chris with their Little Lions ... and a shot of the other fun Halloween stuff ... 
carved pumpkins ... and all the scarey decorations!

Last but not least ... the Big Haul!
I think it's great to share in their adventures now.
New memories!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween!

The things you miss ... when your kids get big ... and ya ... Halloween is one of those!

It used to be so much fun ... to make costumes ... apply makeup ... and take these costumed creatures door-to-door to collect the bootie of treats entitiled to them.

But alas ... children get older ... and things they used to love pass by ... Halloween included.

Last year ... I was seriously sick with the flu ... and just could not even think about shelling out.

The doorbell ringing was making my head explode!

Mel had to work until 6pm ... but knowing that I was in misery ... she decided to pick up some treats to dole out.  She bought three boxes of candy ... and proceeded to take on the task.

One kid came to the door ... then ... nothing! 

Gotta give her points for trying ... but sad that it kinda fell flat.

This year I had to work ... and no shelliing out occured.

Mel ... in the middle of exams ... had to spend her time studying.  Tim ... while not working had other plans.

The end of an era.

I still have fond memories ... of those days when this was a special event. 

Regardless ... Happy Halloween to all!

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