Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween!

The things you miss ... when your kids get big ... and ya ... Halloween is one of those!

It used to be so much fun ... to make costumes ... apply makeup ... and take these costumed creatures door-to-door to collect the bootie of treats entitiled to them.

But alas ... children get older ... and things they used to love pass by ... Halloween included.

Last year ... I was seriously sick with the flu ... and just could not even think about shelling out.

The doorbell ringing was making my head explode!

Mel had to work until 6pm ... but knowing that I was in misery ... she decided to pick up some treats to dole out.  She bought three boxes of candy ... and proceeded to take on the task.

One kid came to the door ... then ... nothing! 

Gotta give her points for trying ... but sad that it kinda fell flat.

This year I had to work ... and no shelliing out occured.

Mel ... in the middle of exams ... had to spend her time studying.  Tim ... while not working had other plans.

The end of an era.

I still have fond memories ... of those days when this was a special event. 

Regardless ... Happy Halloween to all!


Linda H said...

Marie- I so agree! Not near the interest when your kidlets are grown. We only had four trick-or-treaters this year. Hardly worth buying the candy for. Now we're left with it all and neither of us need to be eating more sugar...

Marie Alton said...

Linda ... I feel your pain! Hard to resist those left-over treats!

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