Monday, January 23, 2012

Life Is a Carnival ... Two Bits a Shot !

That's about how it's been for me the past couple of weeks ... you know ... like being at a carnival ... where there's so much going on ... distraction at every turn ... it all comes at you from so many angles that it's hard to focus on any one thing.

I'm kind of feeling like a circus juggler ... with a whole lotta balls in the air ... & God forbid one should fall ... and send everthing off kilter!

Right now I'm trying to make sure that my requirements are complete for our Dealer Changeover ... and that has to be my main focus.  That all happens within the next few days ... and I still have lots to do.

That's only on the work front ... so let's throw in some other personal requirements ... like dentist & doctor appointments ... and other family issues ... OMG like I said ... a real juggling act!

So ... bear with me while I get past all of this ... and I'll hopefully have some free time soon to share some things I've been wanting to!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Pneumonia ... Seriously?

So ... after being up half the night Tuesday ... coughing my darned fool head off ... and my back hurting every time ... I had a bad feeling that I was beyond a cold ... and looking at (minimally) a chest infection ... but suspected it was what the doctor diagnosed ... pneumonia.

It was worse at night ... while I was horizontal ... I'd cough my brains out ... but nothing came up.  That can't be good.  So I went to the Walk In clinic (my doc is next door but fully booked up with other sick people) ... so saw Dr. Zarha who checked me out ... and confirmed that I had "walking pneumonia".

She prescibed 3 different things to combat the problem ... & $43 later ... with the drug plan ... I got the meds needed to combat this foe.  Nasal spray for my sinus infection ... kick-ass antibiotics for the lungs ... and a narcotic cough syrup to let me sleep through the night.

I can feel them all working ... and am relieved at that.  But I'm still confounded as to how I got this.

I know that at Mr. G.'s funeral it was very cold out ... and I was already sick from the Pink Eye ... so the rest of my defenses were down ... and the stress & frigid temperatures must have been just enough to make it happen.

Just glad I had enough sense to get it diagnosed when I did ... as I can actually feel these meds doing their job ... and starting to get me back on track.

Off to get more rest & fluids ... just as the doctor ordered.

Did I mention? ... I don't do sick very well?

Hugs ... Marie

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