Friday, June 8, 2012

Pictures of Spring!

Melanie has taken some lovely pics of some spring blooms we have around here ... some out front ... and some out back and every year they are appreciated for their beauty!

Forget-me-nots ... love their blue hue ... I allow them to seed wherever they choose ... but rip out a bunch every year once they take over out back ... and know they'll be back next spring.

Giant Germanic Irises ... they began as a small clump out front in one bed ... but over the years I've divided them into several beds throughout the co-op ... and they always bloom in early June with such a showy display.  The stocks  grow nearly as tall as me!   

And last but not least ... Lily-of-the-Valley ....... so fragrant & so lovely to see filling in my bed out back.One thing  she didn't snap ... but that is in prolific bloom now down in the spot we refer to as "the gully" is wild phlox ...they range in colour between white & pink & purple ... and are so lovely.

Hoping she will snap them for me before they finish.

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