Monday, October 14, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Canucks ... hope you enjoy the bounty of the season with those you love ... and be thankful for all that is good in your life!

Yes   ....  I know ... I've been absent again for months ... have had to focus on my health ... been through a barrage of tests  ... to try & discover the cause of my persistent intestinal distress.

Without going into too much detail ... suffice it to say that things just aren't working normally.

The day after my birthday ... had a double "scope" ... upper & lower ... colon is fine ... but stomach is producing more acid than normal ... probably stress-related ... so hoping the prescribed treatment will help.

Guess you could say that I didn't time things very well ... my BD "dinner" consisted of this nasty stuff called Bi-Peglyte ... it's a system cleansing preparation ... had to suck back two whole litres of it ... one glass every ten minutes!  UGGGHHH.  Yup ... it was a pretty shi**y BD!

Totally fogged my traditional giveaway ... spent the day creating yet another card for a young lady who has been my anchoring counterpart for the better part of six years!  She recently graduated from college ... and now wishes to persue a position in her field.

They grow up ... they move on!  I train more!  But ... lately that has been a challenge too ... two I had been training also got full-time positions elsewhere ... and there's not many left to choose from!

The next couple of months will be a challenge ... just need to make it past Christmas ... and will have a bit of breathing room afterward.

Speaking of challenges ... I have to say I am not impressed with the new changes on Blogger!  That stupid "survey" thing pops up with rediculous frequency ... and annoying!  Send Feedback ... my next stop!

Love & Hugs to All ... Marie

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Cicadas & Crickets

It is August ... already ... the summer seems to have flown by and the seasons are on the verge of change.

Already I've noticed things that are sure signs of it ... the starlings are starting to flock ... the cicadas are buzzing ... and the crickets are singing their summer song.

This was a disappointing year for me ... when it came to growing things.  While I'm usually a green thumb kind of person ... nature shut me down and bugs simply beat my efforts ... and left me feeling rather frustrated.

Every year I have planted Inpatients in 4 ft window-type boxes ... to add a bit of colour out front ... but this year those damned little cutworms  totally anihalted  them ... it was a total waste of time & money.

Had also bought two baskets of lovely Double Impatients ... that got totally devoured by something ... and pretty much had to toss them out.

Change of plans ... bought a couple of bird feeders to hang on the Shepherds hooks instead  ... and hoping these will be more eco-productive.  Feed the birds ... tuppence a bag!

Hugs to you all ... Marie

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Card Delivered!

Just a quick followup ... Paula came back from her holiday/wedding on Monday ... and was presented with her card (and wedding gift)  today.

But ... she was instructed by Mary ... our resident Social Director ... to take her card home & share it with Sid ... open it together!

We all pitched in a few bucks to give them as a gift... although Paula specified no gifts ( having been together so long ... they didn't really need much)  ... but you know ... we wanted to give them ... something!

I'm sure they will have had a great moment  opening the card.  All of our Best Wishes were there!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Paula's Card

Sharing the card we all sent Paula with our Best Wishes

This was the little "candy heart" display ... surrounding the poem.

The card folds out to three panels, and each is full of cutout hearts
on which each person can pen their message.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Weekend Off ... and Being Creative!

Hi All!

Yup ... finally managed to get a whole weekend off ... and glad to have a bit of time away from it all ... and have been creative for a change ... though it does not involve any fabric or stitching!

I have been commisioned to create yet another special card for one of our staff ... and am happy to do so ... it's for one of my favourite people at work ... Paula!

Paula & Sid have been together for 18 years ... I always thought they were married ... but apparently they never made it official ... and decided to do that this year!

It has been a rough year for her ... lost both her Mom & Dad to illness ... so knowing that something positive will be in her life this year is great news!

They have decided on a very special private event ... they will be saying their vows barefoot ... on the beach ... in PEI ... OMG ... how cool is that?

So I'm creating a special Great Big Greets card just for them we can all send our Best Wishes.

I'll share some pics of the completed card when it is finished ... and all the Glitter Glue has dried enough for me to put it on the scanner.

I always strive to make each of these cards special ... different ... and for this one I'm adding a bit of whimsy that I'm sure she'll get.

Remember those candy hearts that magically appear around Valentines Day?  They have little bits of "love" messages on them ... like "Be Mine" ... "Kiss Me" ... "Yours" ...& "Hugs" ... ya ... well ... one page of the card will be adorned with a confetti barrage of these teeny hearts!

So ...back at it ... lots of hearts to cut out tonight!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

It's Been a While . . .

Hi All ... Yes I know ... I've been a tardy blogger ... again ... life just has me wrapped up in chains right now ... bound to having to deal with my current dilemmas ... without much time to do much else ...creatively or socially.

It's just one of those "challenging" periods in one's life that I'm dealing with right now ... no matter how hard I try to make it work ... curve balls come at me from every angle ... and sometimes it takes all of my energy just to make things work.

I do enjoy checking out what everyone else is doing ... despite my lack of substance ... and thank you for sharing your creative pursuits!

Hugs ... Marie

Friday, March 29, 2013

It Must Be Spring!

Hello everyone!  OMG ... just realized that it's been sooo long since my last post ... bad blogger!

All of that snow I showed you in my last post has finally melted ... the robins are back ... and I see some tulips peaking up.  Today was lovely & spring - like ... sunny ... about 12 celsius ... and the day off to boot!  It's all good.

Prompted me to start thinking spring ... got some cleaning done ... opened up the front & back to let some fresh air blow through ... and dumped that "snowy" background to something ... while not here yet ... greenery that will be here soon.

Easter is here on Sunday ... & April is here on Monday ... a few more weeks & the Garden Centre will be open.  Yup ... let's kiss winter goodbye!

Wishing you all a Happy Easter!

Big Bunny Hugs ... Marie

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Yup ... this pretty much shows the result of the recent storm ... took a few hours to dig out of this ... and was glad that Don our maintenance guy came in on his day off to help ... with the snowblower!

We got a solid two feet ... and Melanie snapped this for me to share.   Gives some perspective.

I personally enjoy shovelling ... it's a great workout in winter ... especially if you are off from work ... and have the time to deal with it ... but it did create issues for staff ... who got stuck in it ... and not able to make it in to work.

Oh well ... life goes on.

The day after ... was sooo different ... sunny & clear ... but once the dig out was done ... they came in droves to buy the essential things to cope ... and needless to say ...snow blower sales were brisk!

Yup ... a serious storm generates a lot of need ... and that translates into sales ... the bottom line is increased.....and welcome at the time of year when it would otherwise be slow.

Winter in Canada ... bring it on!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Snow Biz!

February is a weird month in retail  ...  typically the slowest.

Christmas is well past ... and when the credit card statements hit the mail ... reality sinks in ... OMG ... did I really spend that much???

Yup ... and now it's time to pay up!  Less expendable income ... no more shopping until that gets paid for ... until a big storm hits!

All of a sudden ... there is a change of focus ... things that are required to combat the elements!

Top sellers when this happens ... salt ... ice melter ... windshield washer fluid ... wiper blades ... shovels & even snow blowers ... snow tires & batteries (which die from the cold ... even I had to do this recently) ... and that my friends ... is what I mean by Snow Biz!

Oh ... but it doesn't stop at the required necessities ... because snow can also provide fun ... and seems to boost sales for things like toboggans ... sleds ... skates ... ice fishing stuff ... and the like!

Bring it on!  Canadians actually do embrace winter ... have learned to love what fun it can bring us.

Snow ... a four letter word for some ... but ... it's all a matter of perspective ... for those of us who know that this is simply winter in Canada!

It's only temporary ... spring will be here soon!  Enjoy it while you can!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Boredom ... Change ... and Inspiration!

You've probably seen me post before ... that a change is as good as a rest.

And sometimes sheer boredom inspires you to change ... if you're not happy with what you see.

Like on the background here ... decided to go with a more wintery inspiration ... though seemingly bland ...captures the whole snow thing of winter.

I haven't been feeling very inspired of late ... one of those dull periods that just ... for whatever reason ... I cannot seem to sit down and create.

Sooo ... when that happens ... I go looking for it ... inspiration that is.

Ther are certain links that I keep in my side bar for just this purpose ... artisans thatI have come to appreciate over the years for their talent ... not to mention their creative genius that never ceases to amaze me!

One incredible lady that always gives me thrill when I check out her blog ... is Sophie Gelfi. 

It is of no consequence that her blog is in French ... she is amazing in any language.

Recently I visited to see what she has been up to ... and OMG ... spectacular is the word that comes to mind!

The things she creates ... with the use of colour and design ... simply leave me in awe!

Those of you who have never experienced her work ... I invite you to check it out ... she is a Grand Mistress of creativity when it comes to Free Form Crochet ...amongst other media.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New Year Well Underway

Here we are ... two weeks into the New Year ... and ... it's soooo quiet!

At work ... especially!  This is typical in retail.

Christmas is but a memory ... and now that the credit card bills for it all has landed in everyones's mailbox ... it's time to pay up ... ya think?

And ... to compound  the current situation ... we are renovating ... on a grand scale!

People who used to know where everything was ... are being challenged by having to find out where it moved to ... and while we are trying our best to help them find things ... many won't ask for help & walk out frustrated.

That is obvious on the daily bottom line ... and we are in the red ... more often than in the black.

For me ... this translates into ... Cut... cut ... cut back on hours for the staff.  Scarey how much back.

Spring is only a few months away ... and sales will pick up again then.

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