Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Boredom ... Change ... and Inspiration!

You've probably seen me post before ... that a change is as good as a rest.

And sometimes sheer boredom inspires you to change ... if you're not happy with what you see.

Like on the background here ... decided to go with a more wintery inspiration ... though seemingly bland ...captures the whole snow thing of winter.

I haven't been feeling very inspired of late ... one of those dull periods that just ... for whatever reason ... I cannot seem to sit down and create.

Sooo ... when that happens ... I go looking for it ... inspiration that is.

Ther are certain links that I keep in my side bar for just this purpose ... artisans thatI have come to appreciate over the years for their talent ... not to mention their creative genius that never ceases to amaze me!

One incredible lady that always gives me thrill when I check out her blog ... is Sophie Gelfi. 

It is of no consequence that her blog is in French ... she is amazing in any language.

Recently I visited to see what she has been up to ... and OMG ... spectacular is the word that comes to mind!

The things she creates ... with the use of colour and design ... simply leave me in awe!

Those of you who have never experienced her work ... I invite you to check it out ... she is a Grand Mistress of creativity when it comes to Free Form Crochet ...amongst other media.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New Year Well Underway

Here we are ... two weeks into the New Year ... and ... it's soooo quiet!

At work ... especially!  This is typical in retail.

Christmas is but a memory ... and now that the credit card bills for it all has landed in everyones's mailbox ... it's time to pay up ... ya think?

And ... to compound  the current situation ... we are renovating ... on a grand scale!

People who used to know where everything was ... are being challenged by having to find out where it moved to ... and while we are trying our best to help them find things ... many won't ask for help & walk out frustrated.

That is obvious on the daily bottom line ... and we are in the red ... more often than in the black.

For me ... this translates into ... Cut... cut ... cut back on hours for the staff.  Scarey how much back.

Spring is only a few months away ... and sales will pick up again then.

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