Saturday, June 22, 2013

Weekend Off ... and Being Creative!

Hi All!

Yup ... finally managed to get a whole weekend off ... and glad to have a bit of time away from it all ... and have been creative for a change ... though it does not involve any fabric or stitching!

I have been commisioned to create yet another special card for one of our staff ... and am happy to do so ... it's for one of my favourite people at work ... Paula!

Paula & Sid have been together for 18 years ... I always thought they were married ... but apparently they never made it official ... and decided to do that this year!

It has been a rough year for her ... lost both her Mom & Dad to illness ... so knowing that something positive will be in her life this year is great news!

They have decided on a very special private event ... they will be saying their vows barefoot ... on the beach ... in PEI ... OMG ... how cool is that?

So I'm creating a special Great Big Greets card just for them we can all send our Best Wishes.

I'll share some pics of the completed card when it is finished ... and all the Glitter Glue has dried enough for me to put it on the scanner.

I always strive to make each of these cards special ... different ... and for this one I'm adding a bit of whimsy that I'm sure she'll get.

Remember those candy hearts that magically appear around Valentines Day?  They have little bits of "love" messages on them ... like "Be Mine" ... "Kiss Me" ... "Yours" ...& "Hugs" ... ya ... well ... one page of the card will be adorned with a confetti barrage of these teeny hearts!

So ...back at it ... lots of hearts to cut out tonight!

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