Sunday, August 18, 2013

Cicadas & Crickets

It is August ... already ... the summer seems to have flown by and the seasons are on the verge of change.

Already I've noticed things that are sure signs of it ... the starlings are starting to flock ... the cicadas are buzzing ... and the crickets are singing their summer song.

This was a disappointing year for me ... when it came to growing things.  While I'm usually a green thumb kind of person ... nature shut me down and bugs simply beat my efforts ... and left me feeling rather frustrated.

Every year I have planted Inpatients in 4 ft window-type boxes ... to add a bit of colour out front ... but this year those damned little cutworms  totally anihalted  them ... it was a total waste of time & money.

Had also bought two baskets of lovely Double Impatients ... that got totally devoured by something ... and pretty much had to toss them out.

Change of plans ... bought a couple of bird feeders to hang on the Shepherds hooks instead  ... and hoping these will be more eco-productive.  Feed the birds ... tuppence a bag!

Hugs to you all ... Marie


Magpie's Mumblings said...

We love feeding the birds and at least now that they've painted our brick outside our building it means the squirrels can't climb up and clean out the feeders in no time. They have to wait for the birds to kick some food onto the ground for them. Sorry to hear about your flowers - I know how much you enjoy them, so can understand your disappointment.

Marie Alton said...

Hi MA ...long time no chat!
I hung the feeders just high enough that the squirrelsn won't be able to invade ... unless they can figure out how to climb a shepherd hook! We'll see!
Am actually enjoying a week off ... finally! Been going too hard for too long!
Hugs ... Msrie

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