Monday, June 16, 2014

Just Breathe.

I have actually been on vacation this past week ... but had such a long list of things to do ... that am just now finding time to socialize.

Most people when they have time off from work actually go somewhere ... I personally need time to just stop ... breathe ...catch up on stuff that requires time & effort ... and did accomplish quite a lot ...
even though  the entire list was not completed.  Oh well!

I did manage to get some badly needed gardening done.  At the Co-op my prime areas of focus are two specific beds ... the one at the entrance ... and one by the Office. 

The entrance garden ... that first impression ... suffered greatly due to the nasty winter ice storm.  The Bush Pines were so weighted down from the heavy ice & following snows ... that they have bent & stayed horizontal ... effectively coveringI those awesome Variegated Hostas and three lovely Yellow Lilies.  Throw into the mix the proliferation of my nemisis ... a form of milkweed ... I forget the name of it right now ... it grows on a straight stalk with alternating pairs of leaves an has fragrant purplish flowers at the top ... and once it digs in ... is nearly impossible to irradicate ... especially when it gets under those bushes.

I did my best.  Filled up three large blue recycle bins with weeds & pine boughs & my nemisis ... then called it a day.  Weighing on me was the rescue of those lilies ... they need sun ... and had to relocate them.

The bed by the office does get a lot of sun ... so decided this would be their new home.  In previous years I had planted a Wisteria ... in hopes of adding some spectacular colour there ... but it didn't make it this the lilies would move.  Done.  Hope they like it there.

Added some Cosmos for height & colour ... Praying.

Then ... my own backyard.  We back onto a hydro-cut that is overrun with weeds ... it's all I can do to keep them at bay ... more weeds than grass ... again ... seem a losing battle.

Mow it down ... keep it low ... and plant some stuff in containers ... tomatoes!

Done ... back to the grind tomorrow.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Sounds like you've been busy on your holiday, but it's a good kind of busy.

black bear cabin said...

ive been crazy busy trying to catch up since i got off for the summer, and so far i have spent many hours doing "spring" cleaning and gardening. im still a bit behind on the gardening though...but i do love it when i have the time.
sounds like you have been busy in your garden too! havent checked in in a long while, the job was a bit overwhelming, but i hope to get caught up this summer with everyone! :) hugs!

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