Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Best of Both Worlds

So ... I checked out my weekly flyer from Michaels ... and OMG ...they had a fabulous half-price deal going on ... just had to go see!  They had a great selection of their "Loops & Threads" ... and my mind was virtually racing with ideas as to what I could/would create with these beauties.

Somewhere in the back of my mind I had the notion to pick up another pair of needles ... to use to play with the new Zig Zag stitch ... welll ... lo & behold ... I spied the very size I did not have & wanted to get ... 6.50 mms ... and huh??? ... they're $2.99???  All the other sizes were 2 or 3 bucks more.  Double checked the price at the cash ... no mistake ... it was right!  Sold!

Coincidentally ... they are exactly a size between the other two I was contemplating trying for this stitch.  When I did a test swatch with them ... the result was exactly what I wanted.

Oh ... I also clipped out the flyer coupon for 40% off one regular priced item ... but wasn't quite sure what I'd use it for ... until I found a lovely 300g ball of Phentex yarn ... perfect for a baby blanket ... called "Sweet Summer" ... it has pastel shades of white, yellow, green, blue, pink & purple.

It all came together ... the yarn & the needles & the stitch ... another project will soon be on the go.

Somewhere in between the other projects on the go ... I threw in a crochet project for another shawl using another Loops & Threads yarn that has a multi-coloured metallic thread through it in jewel tones.  Have since completed it ... so feel no guilty about starting another creation.

I'm such a yarn junkie!

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Magpie's Mumblings said...

Don't you just love it when the universe aligns and you get a deal!

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