Saturday, October 4, 2014

Checking In ...

Oh my ... seems I've become that tardy blogger ... again!

Seriously???  Almost two months have slipped by since my last post???  OMG!

How is it that the older you get ... the faster time flies?  Older ... yes ... by another year now ... think it's time to stop counting ... and I totally fogged doing a Birthday draw.  Guess it's just another thing to fall by the wayside ... though I had good intentions to make it an annual thing.

A lot of new things & changes have happened of late.

Melanie has finished college and passed her qualification exams ... and is now a Registered Massage Therapist!  I'm so proud of her ... I could just burst!!! Her official graduation will be on October 23rd and can't wait to share in this special day with her ... she will be graduating with honours ... 92 % final average!

On top of this ... she also got her G1 license ... and scored a fabulous deal on her first vehicle.

A dear friend of mine Linda has a younger sister Sandra who was selling her 2002 Jeep Liberty for a meer $2400 ... it was exactly the kind of vehicle Mel was looking for ... because she wants to have something roomy enough to transport her table to clients ,,, going to them instead of them having to come to her.  She's been working full-time over the summer, and had enough saved to buy it outright.  Driving school paid off by reducing the amount of insurance she will pay ... and she is totally enjoying this new freedom of being able to ... just go!

On the work front ... the seasonal change offered up its share of challenges for me ... and has been partially responsible for my absence here.  Between the loss of staff going away to school ... and the change in availability of those who remained ... it became a matter of trying to piece things together to make things work.  With numbers dwindling ... it was necessary to hire on more staff ... three new ones are well into training ... and another three will begin this week.

And ...for the first time in years ... I actually had to take a sick day two weeks back.  Paul came home sick with a stomach virus ... and while I did my best to avoid him ... it got me ... nasty bug ... had me leveled for three days ... and proceeded hit everyone else in the household.  Glad that's over with!

Just before that hit me ... I was hit with the news that a long time fellow manager was going to be leaving.  Jeff hired me ... and was essentially my boss for the past 12 years.  He lives in Bowmanville ... and has been commuting to Pickering for some 20 years.

He recently was approached by the dealer of the Bowmanville store to join their team ... so how could he resist?  The store is within walking distance of where he lives ... so makes total sense that he would jump at this opportunity.  Great for him ... not so great for us.

Of course his departure mandated the creation of the traditional Big Card that I have been creating for such occaisions ... so I started making it on the sick day I took ... and had it ready by the time I went back to work.

The finished signed card was presented to him last night at a "Farewell" dinner at our local Kelsey's.

And while I wasn't there to see it ... apparently it reduced this big guy to tears.

After work ... there were a few of them still there ... so I was able to join them for a last toast.

Bittersweet ... but a moment to cherish.

Who would have thought
We’d see the day . . .
That we’d bid Farewell
To our Jeff Gray!

 You’ve anchored this store
Right from the start
Your guidance & knowledge
An integral part.

 From season to season,
From changeover to reno
You managed to maintain
That steady flow.

 For you this change
Has a fabulous perk;
No more commuting!
You could walk to work!

 The time you’ll save
And the cash you’ll bank  . . .
‘Cause you won’t have to put
So much gas in the tank!

 We thank you for all
That you have done
For your dedication
That was second to none!

One thing’s for sure . . .
Wherever you are
You’ll always be
A shining star!

 Wishing you All the Best!
Good Luck & Happiness
In your new endeavor!

From All of Us
@ C T C 324

Jeff has always been amazed at my ability to capture the express in a simple poem the appreciation of an employee's contribution to our store ... little did he consider his own ... but I made sure he did.  He deserved it ... and he appreciated it.  Enough said.  The effort was totally worth it.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Happy belated birth day!! I did think of you on the day but then promptly didn't email my best wishes. Duh!

Linda H said...

Belated Happy Birthday! Congrats also to your lovely daughter on her accomplishments. What a great poem you wrote for your boss - I'm sure he was very touched!

Marie Alton said...

Hi ladies ... Thanks!
think of you all often ... and really must try to stop by more often.
Hugs ... Marie

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