Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Promised Pics & New Creations

Yes welll ... tardy blogger that I am ... with a few days off I finally managed to get you those pics I wanted to a few months back ...
So there we were ... all young and ready to start our married life together.
And here we are ... 25 years later ... Silver Anniversary
Must be called that because of the colour your hair turns by then ... ya think?
We enjoyed a fabulous dinner at The Keg ... finshed off with a complimentary Billy Miner Pie!

On to other news ...
I have been very busy creating cool new stuff for my Spring/Summer collection!
Click on my Artfire link on the side bar to see what's up there so far!
Still have more to do ... and will hopefully finish up tomorrow ... but still have a bunch of scarves & shawls that I require a model for ... and may take a few more weeks before that can happen!
I've recruited a new photograher ... since Mel is always so busy ... Tim offered to help ... along with a model acquired at Michaels.  She has a rather blank stare ... but is always available!
Hope you all are doing well & enjoying this lovely spring!
Love & Hugs ... Marie

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Magpie's Mumblings said...

Ah, but think of the stories those grey hairs have to tell! Happy anniversary (albeit now a belated one!!).

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